Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wonderful critters

Residents of the Reptile House Melbourne Zoo. Fascinating!

Miss Dog is bright and happy today. Stealing food again- a good sign that she is feeling her usual self.

I had a good time in the garden today. Johnny ordered our greenwaste bin, but it won't be here for a couple of weeks. I can't keep on top of all of the weeds that I pull out with composting, so we need to send them away to be turned into compost by the Council. I'm glad that they will be put to good use, as we are good at growing them around here.

I feel like hunkering down in my craft room and creating tomorrow. By the way, I did manage a good walk today. I was almost groaning like Oscar on the way back. My back does not like uneven ground. I walked along to check out the horses down the road, but the paddocks had been prepared for resowing. No horses to be seen. Hopefully there will be lots of beautiful foals and their mummies later in the year.

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Anonymous said...

The reptile photos are great, are they taken with the new camera?
Glad you got out for you walk...good stuff...have fun crafting.