Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy things

Miss Dog is feeling better!!! She ate really well today and had a sparkle in her eyes again. She loved lots of cuddles and tummy tickles, so I'm very happy. Her Daddy thinks I am spoiling her rotten, but it is worth it to see the joy in her eyes again. We don't know what is around the corner, so I want to make the most of each day we have together. I felt a bit mean today because I went out for a serious exercise walk, and she practically pleaded with me to be allowed to come too. I didn't think it was wise because I wanted to go a decent distance. As you can see from the photos, my girth has expanded significantly. Exercise has been tough because my back does not like it at all, and I love to eat. I decided that the only way forward with my back is to push through the pain and try to build my strength. The Crafty Neighbour was a bit disappointed that I didn't take her along too, but I said I need some time to work through the pain and prefer to suffer alone. I was very pleased with myself! All of the walking on holiday got me off to a good start. 

I didn't do much brisk walking in Freemantle. It is a lovely place. There were fish under the wharf and the water was clear enough for a good look. 
 Cottesloe Beach is so pretty and the sand is divine to walk on. It is a very popular swimming beach.
 The gorgeous couple- the reason for our visit to Perth. They were married at the golf club at Cottesloe. It was a stunning location and a very, very happy day.
 Oh dear- this sundress, while lovely and cool to wear, makes me want to deny that it is me exploring at Mandurah. We had lots of fun paddling in the waves. I got pretty soaked by a few rogue waves.
 Victoria Market goodies - Melbourne. We visited the market twice.

 I wanted to buy lots of fruit and vegetables - at these prices, who wouldn't?
 Today the sun came out and I managed to persuade Johnny to come to visit the horses with me. Oh dear Zanny! I think a makeover is required. All of the girls have been enjoying rolls on the muddy ground. It has been very wet here. Zanny and Tara have a tentative booking for a makeover with me over the weekend. Emily wants to bring the foals in for some handling practice, so I can tackle the mummies at the same time.
 Zanny is back to being my snuggly friend again. She has been very focused on being an awesome mother and she is starting to withdraw in preparation for weaning. Look how she cuddled up to me: Everyone wanted some attention.
 Emily invited me to go with Oscar for his swim today as well. You can see Oscar in action in one of the wee photos on the right sidebar. I've been wanting to go with him for a while. There is a big racing stable next door to the farm, so I following Oscar through a wee gate between the properties and was thoroughly entertained by the swimming action.
 As you can see, the pool is a good size, and Oscar can't touch the bottom, so he has to swim.
 Oscar makes long grunting noises when he breathes out while he swims, which is hilarious. It sounds like he finds swimming incredibly hard work, but at the end of his workout he isn't even puffing.
 After quite a few circuits one way, Emily turned him around and took him back the other way. Then he quietly walked up the ramp and out. What a good boy!
I vow to do my own exercise again tomorrow. Hopefully I won't be groaning as loudly as Oscar.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that Poppadom is feeling better and eating well. It must have felt cold coming back home after the glorious warmth in Perth! xxxcx

Anonymous said...

More great photos. I wish I had been there to explore the markets with you.
Oscar is lovely,
Give Poppy a hug from us,