Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Miss Dog news

Well, we took Miss Dog in for her tests today. She has something going on that isn't normal, but how bad that will be in the future is impossible to tell. She has a strange void below her spine and above her internal organs, in her pelvis. On x-ray there are very vague oval shapes within the void, but what they are is a mystery. She also has a nasty point of arthritis in her spine above that area, and has lots of other areas of arthritis in her bones, which we knew/suspected.

At the moment our darling doggy seems to be a happy lady, and once all of the blood results are in we can probably start her on some regular painkillers, as she has pain when palpitated in the tummy/pelvic area. Her liver function is a bit below par but her lungs are just old dog lungs.

She was a very good girl so didn't need to be sedated. We want to avoid that if at all possible. Ultrasounding her tummy may be helpful, but she'd need sedating. Needle biopsy can be done with the ultrasound. Basically what we'd like to do is keep her as happy and comfortable as we can, and deal with any symptoms of illness if they arise. I don't want her to have radiation or chemotherapy (unless it would make her feel much better). She is an older girl now and we just want her to be happy for as long as possible.

Hopefully we'll have her with us for a long time yet, but who know what is around the corner. We'll make the most of the time we have with lots of cuddles and treats.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Poppy is a bit of a mystery by the sound of it, but nothing that is going to be critical for her in the near future at least. Love to everyone and hugs for dear Poppy. Love Mum. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

That is good news considering there were probably a million worse case scenarios...poor wee Poppy. Give her big doggy cuddles from us and a special hug from Stellar. Love you guys xxx