Saturday, April 6, 2013

Chilly air

It is definitely starting to feel autumnal around here. Time to hunker down and enjoy lots of books, crafting, cardies and winter warmth. I am a HUGE Twilight fan - and I don't care what anyone else thinks, especially people who haven't read the books. I loved the DVD of Breaking Dawn Part 2 so have started reading the books again. It hasn't taken long to get through the first three. 

Mr Mouse has been busy hunting his prey. He removes the green bird from my Easter display and mauls it merrily. Note the matching green Carltonware plate (he ignores the other birds). He is a cat of exceptional tastes. 
 Yes Mouse, enjoy while you can. I must put my Easter display away tomorrow, I think. Reluctantly though. I love the sugary colours.
 I had my longest ever cuddle session with the foals today. I won't see them for over two weeks, so I made the most of my time with them today. They are not easy photographic subjects when I'm in the paddock with them because they want to get very close to me. They both love scratches and cuddles. Fergie was a cheeky, playful girl today.
 Aria is growing so fast, and Tara seems to be a very happy mother. She seemed a little irritated by motherhood early on, but is back to her usual happy self now. I have shares in both of these beautiful girls.
 Fergie is 3 1/2 months and Aria is almost 2 1/2. Fergie is a lot bigger at this stage. They play together, which is just lovely to see.
 Of course frequent visits back to Mum are very important for quick drinks. Zanny is a very tolerant mother, even when Fergie fools around. I missed the shot with the camera when Fergie reared up high and draped her front legs over Zanny's back where the saddle goes. It was extraordinary seeing two legs hanging over her back. Zanny just stood there until she got back down, and then walked over to see if I had found any more carrots. I'll be riding Zanny again in a few months. I wore my riding gear today to remind her about her other job as my steed. (Plus all of my other pants were in the wash.)
 Darling Oscar was in the next paddock. He has recovered from a nasty scrape after he had a tangle with the wooden yards when he got a fright.
 I think he is very fond of the foals. Aria looks massive here, but she is actually tiny compared to Mr Oscar. The camera angle is deceiving. They were both very careful not to touch the electric fence. Very wise. It hurts. A lot.
 We had visitors today, including Molly, who is Mr Mouse's little friend.
 Mouse is very tolerant because she can be a bit silly at times.
Mousie just stayed there while Molly peered at him. She sometimes chases him, but he isn't really bothered. He is so much better with visitors now, probably thanks to our regular weekend visits from the Crafty Neighbours. They come over most Saturdays and Sundays, usually for afternoon tea. We love it. It feels awfully quiet if they go away for a few days.

Miss Dog seems to be a happy lady. She has started on painkillers, so we will see if they make a difference to the pain in her abdomen. She was very worried today when I wanted to take a look at her tummy. She has had some skin problems on her tummy skin, so I was trying to have a good look to see if I needed to apply any antibiotic cream, and she was so tense when I started trying to move her into a good position. She never lies on her back now, so I have to carefully look from the side, gently lifting her wee leggy up just a little to see her tummy. She was fine once she realised I wasn't hurting her, and her tummy looks ok. She developed spots on the balder area which are mostly dried up. She's never had those before. The sore on her face has healed so well with Betadine ointment. I would recommend it for hot spots on dogs.

We've got visitors coming out of our ears tomorrow, and a big adventure coming up. I need to do some sewing, lots of housework, washing, and hopefully a little crafty stuff too. But now it is bed time. By the feel of it, I'll be wanting my electric blanket on before too long.


Anonymous said...

Our electric blanket is on the bed and warming as I type..yippee! We watched a DVD new release called Pitch Perfect which you will love Fi!! It was great (a bit girly but Ryan enjoyed it too).
The photos of the horses and other animals are lovely.
Not long til foreign lands...I am jealous!!
Love you,
Meg xx

Anonymous said...

Our electric blanket is cranking up too. It is really cold here tonight and we will need to have fires if it kepps up. It was good to have a cuddly cat sitting on me tonight, he was searching out warmth too. Poor Daisy was not feeling well today. She seemed fine when she woke up but threw up her breakfast later and looked very uncomfortable. She did eat her tea, but I don't know if that means much for a Labrador! We will see how she is tomorrow I guess. These things always happen over a weekend. :-( Lovely photos! Lots of love to all, Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxx