Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bitter Sweet

I was excited to spend the day at home today. It was a beautiful day. I let the Crafty Neighbour's chickens out for a while. They went to Lake Coleridge for the night (it was lovely and they came back with a large trout). I did some cleaning and the day just seemed to race by. 
 The wee birdies in the entrance hall look so sweet with their little bird house.
 My Easter display on the table has survived Mousie for 24 hours. I keep adding more and more little things as I find them. I should have ironed the table cloths. I don't have one big enough to cover the whole top since we added a bigger top. I must try harder to find one. A crisp white one that never needs ironing would be good.
 I made this wee mini-layout for Mouse yesterday.
 There are bunnies hiding all over the place.
 I was given the icing Easter egg by the wonderful mother of one of my teacher assistants. I will just keep it to admire as I can't imagine eating it. I love the pretty colours- yellow, green and blue. Perfect with my primrose china collection. The wee bunny with a jersey on matches too.
 I whipped up this simple layout for the photos of The Cottage on the family farm. I am keen to record things like this because Mum and Dad may move away one day, and things like The Cottage, that have been such a big part of our lives over the years, with only be memories.
 I attached the photos so that there is a pocket for little tags behind each one. The tags have wee notes recorded on the reverse sides.
 This dear little butterfly "brad" (as they call them in the scrapbooking world) reminds me of my first encounter with monarch butterflies. Grandma lived in The Cottage when we were little, and she had a swan plant around the back.
 I love the way this tag matches the design on the background sheet of paper. It isn't from the same range, but is a very similar image.
 I was excited because our gorgeous cousin Emily was coming around this afternoon to give the animals their inoculations. Mousie was such a good boy for his Auntie Em, and she discovered that he has a gum problem that needs antibiotics. It may be partly due to his strange little mouth. She found that his bottom front teeth are baby teeth still. A bit weird. We need to train him to have his teeth brushed, which, knowing him, will not be too tricky. Miss Dog has had a sore area on her face, which I wanted Em to check. That was the least of our worries. When Em started checking her over she discovered that she has a very sore area in her abdomen which could be something simple, or could be much more serious, given the area and amount of distress. Her breathing was not right either, although she was quite upset to be poked and probed, which probably didn't help. There have been things I have noticed just lately which I attributed to changes with age that may indicate she isn't well. Anyway, we are having a thorough investigation done on Tuesday, so should have some more answers then. I am trying not to worry about it being something dreadful, obviously.
If the worst happens, it won't just be me and Johnny grieving. Somehow that feels worse than missing her myself.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, poor Poppy...I hope so much that she is ok. Sending you lots of is no use worrying but it is hard not to.
Love you,
Meg xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh that is such a shame. I know it will be a worry for you all. Will be thinking of you with love. Mum. xxxxx