Sunday, March 10, 2013

Work Work and More Work

We have had such a busy weekend. We disposed of weed mountain, and had a big tidy up in the back yard. We have decided to get a green waste bin which will be picked up weekly. It costs around $4 a week, which we think will be worth the cost to save us the bother of having heaps of weeds lurking until we can borrow a trailer. Hopefully that will make it easier to trim and weed regularly with easy disposal. 

Johnny also put in the two raised beds that we took out when he made the lovely new big vege gardens around the back. We don't like to waste things, so he moved some soil around and set the beds in at right angles to each other so that we can reuse them. I am going to create two little cutting gardens! I will have to work out what to plant in them. 

I had a look at the Clarke and Clarke website and that reminded me that they have a few gorgeous prints that I love. 

 And, of course, I love these divine fabrics and still want to make a blind for the spare room out of one of them. These are Harlequin. Probably cost a fortune. Which colourway do you like best?

 Look, the tomatoes are ripening up. All at once, of course!
I made soup using these tomatoes and onions.

 I love the colour of these rainbow chard.
My outfit on Saturday was just as bright. The dress is supposed to be crinkly- it is linen.
 I can't really iron anyway because Mr Mouse loves to use the ironing board as a restful perch, where he can survey his territory in comfort.
 I can tell we are getting into autumn by the huge squashes lurking in the garden. I guess these would be ok stuffed.
 The garden clean up was a huge success today. Look how out of control things have been getting:
Johnny is over 6 feet tall. The resident thistle in the raspberry patch was taller. It is going to make lovely compost at the green waste processing plant.

So, it was a big day getting rid of huge amounts of weedy rubbish. A big thanks to my gorgeous Johnny for all of the hard work. It looks so much better out the back now!


Anonymous said...

The garden escapades sounds great...very productive!!
You are both looking fabulous, i wish i could see you...I miss you guys so much.
Hot weekend here, recovering from illness still, feeling tired and sick of revolting cough. Nice to see Poppa and Neecee yesterday for lunch.
Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

Great to hear your news and the conquering of Weed Pile the bin is a good idea. Better than my idea to toss it all into the cemetery! Have a great week everyone. xxxxx