Sunday, March 17, 2013

Time moves too fast

Wow this year is going so fast. I feel like time is speeding by. Mousie has grown so much this year. He is heavy and feels very sturdy now.
 Pretty things are still tucked in corners around the garden.
I've been doing a bit of scrapbooking. The heading looks like it is missing an n, but I don't think it is. The hearts are cut with a cute little paper cutter and stand out from the paper with little sticky foam pads.
 I headed out to see the girls on Saturday. They were looking gorgeous, as usual. Fergie is growing up and has the most amazing perfect proportions. Her face is so much like her brother Frazer's. You can check him out further down.
 Aria is an elegant princess of a foal. Her light fur is shedding to leave her glossy black permanent colour.
 Look at her pretty face! No forelock though- discussions have already been had about mane extensions (yes, you can get fake plaits for the unfortunate few with sparse manes).

 Zanny gobbled up all of the treats I bought her, then wouldn't smile for the camera. She's a girl with attitude.
 In fact, she and Fergie have been ganging up on Tara and Aria. Yesterday they chased them away from their hay then both did a wee on it so they wouldn't want it any more. How mean is that????!!!!
 Look who's back! Ben has been up in Oxford living a very relaxed life but has now returned to the farm. He can't be ridden due to a serious heart condition, but he still loves a treat and snack, and likes to assert his authority whenever he can. He is the boss of the whole farm.
 Poor Frazer, his paddock mate, is looking rather worried about his place in the pecking order. He is learning a bit about humility. Teenagers need that.
 Guess who is up here:
 Johnny was taking photos at the Kirwee Volunteer Fire Brigade 50th Jubilee. There were displays and demonstrations during the day. Take a look at what happens if you put water on a small oil fire on your stove:
 It was incredible- scary too. Always cover a pot with something like a lid, oven tray or thick wooden chopping board to seal the fire in and cut off the oxygen. NEVER put water on it, or attempt to carry the fire outside.
 We were invited to attend the dinner and presentations in the evening (and Johnny took more photos). It was lovely, and as I got to sit by my friend Viv, it was fun too. The cake was delicious chocolate cake. Mmm...
If there was a volunteer brigade here in our village Johnny would join up. When the Kirwee brigade was started there were less than 10 calls in a whole year, and now they deal with over 90 call outs most years. Our friends Viv and Michael have served for 25 years each - Michael got his 25 year Gold Star award last year, and Viv gets her one this year. They've both got some stories to tell - good and bad - about their experiences. 

I hope you all have a lovely week. I have a sneaking suspicion there are cold bugs lurking within me, trying to gain the upper hand. I'm trying to tell them to sod off. Wish me luck!!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos of the you really think Aria won't have a forelock?? How strange!! She is beautiful.
The scrap booking is great, i love that photo of mum and henry.

The fire stuff sounds fun, does Prebbleton not have a fire brigade??

Crikey...Mousie is HUGE!!

Damn the cold lurgies...they have cursed our house the past couple of weeks and still linger. Had a lovely day with mum and dad out at Ngatimoti on Saturday and a wet, at home day today.

Love youxx

Anonymous said...

What I just wrote has disappeared!? Love Mousie's tail, it is magnificent and lovely photo of the two of you. Lots of love to all. xxxxxxx