Sunday, March 3, 2013

A bit of this and that

Another Sunday comes around. The weekend has gone so quickly. I was feeling a bit flamboyant yesterday, so wore my fabulous anemone dress. I got the raspberry cardigan from The Warehouse, along with the brilliant blue tights. This year is going to be a big coloured tights year for me. My dresses don't exactly minimise my current bulk, but I am past caring what anyone else thinks. This is my "Garcia" look (inspired by Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds). 
 I did my hair in a huge bun. I LOVE IT! It stayed in all day with no major escapees.
 I have been pottering around on my scrapbooks. I have two on the go. One is exclusively horses, and the other has all sorts of things in it.

 Until now I haven't been very focused with my scrapbooking, but I suddenly realised how lovely the memories will be in the future, particularly if anything happened to either of us.

 I love the little details, like finding a wee button with an anchor on it, or using just the right paper. I found a sheet of vintage styled paper with a fishing story on it, complete with drawings. I used a stamp to decorate the background paper too.
 The little aquatic themed stamps were cut from a big sheet of paper.
 I have been creating some pages for Aria. I chose rather a grand romantic theme for her pages, along with some musical touches. I adore these beautiful old fashioned roses on the page I'm working on currently. I can almost smell them.
 The girls are all in one paddock now. Zanny and Tara are not exactly seeing eye to eye. Zanny is being quite bossy, but Tara is keeping out of her way. Fergie is almost three months old.
 Aria likes to stick to her mummy. Can you see the patches where her foal fur is falling out? She is turning black.
 Fergie is much more independent, and is quite happy to do her own thing, away from Zanny.
 As usual, I loved seeing the girls, but there was a lot to do at home, so I couldn't hang around for too long. The garden is keeping me busy. I had a big hack and slash in the front garden, and did lots of weeding and trimming in the back garden too. The tomatoes are ripening up beautifully.
I had a surprise when I peeped under the strawberry leaves. Miss Dog didn't get there first!
School is going particularly well this year. Long may it continue. Hopefully I will have a bit more time to work on getting things in order around home. I'm thinking about curtains, and planning a bit of an Easter display this year. I think I'll create a bit of a wish list for the house and garden during the week.


Anonymous said...

I am loving the bright colours!! Awesome...I think Garcia has great clothes...a good style icon!! I too am enjoying colour at the moment and am looking forward to bright tights this winter.
I need to do some serious De-Sumoing...keep an eye out for some blog updates this week.
lovely to see the foals growing up.

Love you xxx

Anonymous said...

ps. The scrapbooking pages are great...I love that photo of Henry xxx