Saturday, March 23, 2013

A wee note

Johnny comes home soon, after what seems like ages away. He was on a work trip. I spent the afternoon out at the farm helping to prepare some very fractious steeds for a one day event tomorrow. And darling Oscar hurt himself being a silly twit. He spooked when Emily tightened his girth and smashed his way out of the yard, shredding the skin on his inner hind leg badly. It was horrible to see the meat showing through the torn skin. He will heal up ok, but he was a surprise entry in the event tomorrow because the ground conditions are so good. It was his last chance to be considered for selection in the national eventing team. I don't think he'll be going anywhere for a while. He was very sore this afternoon.

Anyway, I did get some crafty stuff done this morning, working on a scrapbook layout for Cloud, my cousin's beautiful Welsh Cobb. Isn't it amazing how a morning can disappear in no time at all while chores are done, chats with friends and family, and just sorting life out.

I think Johnny might be home. Must go. XXXX

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