Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

What a wonderful feeling - five whole days off work. This is how I started my day today. 
 Mmmm- Chocolate hot cross bun from Baker's Delight. They are one of my favourite things to eat in the whole world. We're very low on Easter eggs around here. I'm not eating too much chocolate at the moment as it seems to give me headaches in generous quantities.

It started out a bit dull, but after chatting to family - who sounded very merry enjoying spending time together over the breakfast table - the sun came out and shone brightly all day. I discovered that Miss Dog has a nasty sore patch on her face, so that is getting a bit of attention from me to try to settle it down. She is a miserable, scared looking patient, but is very good for me as I clean it and apply cream. I think it is looking a bit better after several applications of medicated ointment. She will be having a visit from her personal physician tomorrow, so I am relieved about that.

Miss Dog and I took a gentle stroll over to the Nature Reserve to look for a branch for my Easter display. The trees had been trimmed so there were plenty of bits lying in piles waiting to be disposed of. I spotted interesting patterns and textures.

 Miss Dog was more interested in smells.

 There is a shallow collection of water in one spot, which is a bit odd considering how dry it is. Maybe there is a spring there. Of course Miss Dog found it before I could remind her that we are trying to keep her face clean and dry. She did the crocodile dog thing, lounging decadently on her tummy in the water, but as it was so shallow her face stayed dry. The water was very clean too, thank goodness.
 Back in the garden there are some cheerful colours.
 A furry beast was lurking in the grass.
 Checking for danger.

 Any monsters?
 No. All is good.
I managed a bit of scrapbooking today. Sometimes things come together well, and other times I'll be started on something and I'll have to leave it for a bit until inspiration strikes. I've got two half-finished layouts and a completed mini one using a picture of Mr Mouse as a wee kitten that I found lurking on my craft desk. I need to work out how to take decent photos of my layouts. One day I might submit some for competitions or challenges. There always seems to be something going on in the scrapbooking internet community. 

Surprisingly, I decided to take another stroll with Miss Dog later in the day, and she was rather exhausted by the time we got back. We moved along at a good pace, but there were plenty of sniffing opportunities. I was very pleased to discover that the park is now a dog-friendly zone, and off-the-leash play is allowed!!! After the stern "no dogs" signs and warnings of fines for the presence of man's best friend in the only big public open space (apart from the Nature Reserve) in the village, it was a fantastic change. Miss Dog will enjoy running around there again. 

I'll show you some of my Easter decorations tomorrow. I've got a few wee goodies.


Anonymous said...

Mousie is so cute! He is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have had a good day with the animals. Hope Poppy's face comes right, soon it will be making her miserable. We had a lovely visit from the family, all is good. Love Mum. xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Yum, those choccy hot cross buns look great.
Henry enjoyed his easter egg hunt at MUm and Dads...we had a lovely time. He went off to end easily tonight, he was exhausted.
Love you guys,