Sunday, March 24, 2013

Amberley and Autumn Colour

The sun was so pretty on the flowers in my garden yesterday. I spotted a bit of extra luck in my four leaf clover patch. I wonder if five leaves give me even more luck? I have been keeping my eye out for even more leaves, as I have had up to eight on one clover stem a very long time ago. 
 My Graham Thomas has been looking good this year. It is usually a bit of a battle to keep it looking pretty.
 Crown Princess Margarette (or something like that) is very pretty and has had a wonderful season. She is actually quite apricot in colour earlier in the season. I love the circular centre. She often has a little green tuft of foliage in the middle of the blooms.
 I've finally got Leander to climb in a sensible manner, and she has rewarded me with a spectacular, incredibly long season.
 Jude the Obscure is one of my favourite roses, with delicious globe shaped blooms that are a delicate warm creamy colour.
 Are you The Prince? Forgive me, but I have forgotten. I intend to have a lot more cerise and plum colours in the garden.
 The beetroot and rainbow chard leaves glow in the sunlight. There are probably huge, malformed beasts lurking below the beetroot tops.
 I have one surprise lily that has just opened. All of the others finished flowering long ago.
 Today I had a very horsey day. It was the Amberley One Day Event. We had five boys to look after, and they were good boys (mostly). I don't even know the results, but they had some great moments.
 The jumps were on the other side of the arena, so I got some good photos of the practise jumps.

 Only four days until Easter! I love Easter - the chocolate (of course), bunnies, chickens and decorated eggs in soft candy colours. Something to look forward to.

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