Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend with Mum and Dad

We had a lovely weekend because Mum and Dad came to stay. We visited my girls out at the farm, and had a visit to my gorgeous cousin's house, and saw her ponies. 
Look at this dear little lady!
 Three legs and a mini squirrel tail. Funny girl. Aria is very friendly and cuddly now.
 And Fergie is changing colour and wanted lots of kisses when we visited her.
 Zanny is looking so well and has that lovely calm air about her, as always. Dear girl.

Meet Birdie. She is pregnant to John Brodie, a handsome Gypsy Cobb stallion. Naturally, she hasn't met her husband, but had a successful visit with the horse equivalent of a turkey baster. I wonder if she made this face when the business was going on at the back end!
 She reminds me so much of Tara.
 I met Mary, who is this young man's mother (below). She is a darling and enjoyed a cuddle. Sorry, photos were only from a distance because she is very wary of people. Sometimes being a brood mare means no cuddles and people mean being poked and prodded. Now she lives at Em's house she is learning that people can be very friendly indeed. Cloud is a huge fan of a good bum scratch. He contorted his body to get the right spots scratched and stood in an extraordinary position with his hind legs apart.
 He is so beautiful, and just needs a horn to look just like a unicorn.
He has a wavy mane and tail which is just beautiful. He's a Welsh Cobb.

We've loved having Mum and Dad to stay and hope that make many more visits down to see us (hint hint).

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Anonymous said...

The horses are gorgeous.
Glad you had a nice weekend. Give my love to everyone!
Henrys cough and our sleep deprivation continues but we are all happy.

Love to you all,