Thursday, January 3, 2013

Taming the jungle

We had a busy day hacking and slashing our way through the overgrowth in the backyard today. Johnny mowed, which took a long time, considering most of the area is in gardens. He wasn't pleased because he struck a few dog mines concealed in the long grass. Yuck. 

When we left for our holiday everything looked quite petite in the vegetable gardens, but not anymore! I love growing tomatoes, but as always, my toms have turned into multi-limbed monsters in my absence. 
 I was excited to find some good sized basil lurking. I cleared a patch and planted some more basil seeds, along with lettuce, radish, rocket, rainbow chard, bok choy and beetroot.
 The red onions are expanding and we must start eating them soon because they don't keep like brown onions, and I have a fair number planted.
 The big new patch is looking glorious. Unfortunately my battles with the pea tepee came to nothing because the peas decided they were not climbers. I'm wondering if there is time to plant another climbing vegetable while the weather is warm.
 The cavolo nero is doing very well. It doesn't seem to appeal to the white butterflies like other brassicas, so I don't need to cover it. I weeded the onions you can just see in the left foreground. They are teenagers and are inclined to pull out with the weeds, so it took a while.
 There was a gorgeous moth on the celery. So far no sign of rust on the celery and it is the healthiest looking crop I have ever grown.
 I have used this fabric tie stuff for several years now. I need to buy some more, plus some more stakes. Bamboo stakes just don't do the job once they get a bit brittle.
 I planted seeds from a mixed pack of squash and got three green patty pan type plants. They will be good for stuffing and for grating to make fritters. I also like them cooked up with onion, garlic and tomatoes.
 I wasn't too pleased to find my oriental lilies turned out to be these yellow specimens. More like Asiatic lilies to me. Hmmm.
 Look apples this year! Awesome.
 I decided to have this garden border sorted during 2012, and now it looks really pretty, with lots of interesting plants, and some herbs and vegetables mixed in with the flowers.
 I was so pleased to get some pink wineglasses for Christmas so I sorted out a home for them, along with some pretty cups. It is a bit hard to see on my screen, but the glasses have a delicate pink goblet, and clear glass stems.
I have decided that sweetpeas are one of my favourite flowers, and along with deep plum coloured roses, they make a fabulous fragrant bouquet.
There is still so much to do around here, but the main vegetable gardens are now under control, thank goodness. 

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Anonymous said...

Hey there...the garden looks awesome!! Very exciting to find basil lurking.
I LOVE sweet peas as well.
Love you guys xx