Wednesday, January 2, 2013


It is always good to be home after a holiday away. I already miss my lovely family, but there's no place like your own nest. The back yard is a jungle, which I always find quite pleasing, and there are tasty surprises to be found if you know where to look. We had lush spinach in our pasta sauce tonight, after a handful of fresh peas, as sweet as lollies. 

The doggy girls didn't spend a lot of time together during our holiday this summer because Daisy hurt her paw. We managed to get them to pose together. They are a colourful trio. 
 Rupert was not impressed with dog, or people visitors. He loves to climb and here he is, positively shouting to be rescued from the house roof.
 We visited Mapua, Motueka and Nelson. The weather was a little dull in Mapua, but the crowds were still out.

 We visited Henry to deliver his little house. Here he is with his two grandfathers plus Daddy and Uncle "Non."
 Meg, Henry and I took Mrs Dougray up the Maitai River with Henry. One brown hound in a very brown river. The water was beautiful to paddle in.
 We also visited Tahuna with the boys. There were pohutukawa trees by the playground. We all have memories of the  playground at Tahuna from our childhoods. Some of the old playground equipment, including the whale, turtles, mushrooms and rocking horse are still in place. I guess they replaced all of the dangerous things with health and safety approved equipment. I climbed to the top of the whale in highly inappropriate shoes, and managed to get back down again.

 OOOOOh it just thundered here! I LOVE thunder storms.
 Henry was such a delight. He loved jumping over the waves. There were cries of despair when we left the beach. I don't blame him, it was such a lovely place to be.
 Here I am with my darling Johnny nearing the end of our wonderful holiday.
Thank you to all of the family who made our Christmas so much fun! We love you all so much. XXX


Anonymous said...

Hey there...

Lovely photos!!
Gorgeous one of you and John.
Stormy here too...missing you guys.
Love Megxx

Anonymous said...

You left before the rain which is pounding down tonight. Much needed though. I'm glad not to be in a tent tonight! It was lovely to have you stay and the time went all too quickly. Great photos. Love to all, Mum. xxxxxxxx