Saturday, January 19, 2013

Showjumping Heaven

I had a very full day grooming at a showjumping competition in Ashburton today. I had to leave home before 6.30am to be in time to jump into the horse truck for the ride down. We took five horses today, and they were all so good. It was horribly hot by the afternoon, and I still feel like my face is on fire. My skin does not like heat at all, and glows like sun off a tomato on a very hot day.

The most exciting part of my day was meeting Eurosport Centavos, who is the daddy of Tara's foal. He is a huge, handsome black stallion, and I saw how quiet he looked, so introduced myself to him and his owner. Oh my goodness, he is such a spectacular horse!!!!! Tara is still waiting for her foal to be born, and we are all waiting anxiously along with her. I'll probably pop down to see her tomorrow for a wee visit.

Showjumping competitions usually attract a few stallion competitors, and I am so fascinated by their beauty and presence. The top stallions are incredibly impressive, with muscular bodies and such power. They are a rare sight out and about because there are so few horses left entire, and also because they can be very difficult to manage around other horses. Centavos behaved beautifully all day, and I was able to meet him just like any other new horsey acquaintance.

Johnny is just the best husband in the world because he went and picked up my sewing machine today after the repair man called this morning. I am very excited to have it back. Strangely I haven't named my machine, even though I have had it for quite some time. It had a good overhaul and everything was realigned and reset, which was a good idea after the poor thing had been bounced and thrashed around when the earth moved repeatedly. I am looking forward to giving it a whirl tomorrow. Fingers crossed everything works to my satisfaction.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I wonder if Centavos is related to Centaine who was the stallion on the racing stud farm I worked at that Summer? He was magnificent, and black (or possibly very dark bay) I think.
Sounds like you had a good day.
Hot and windy here today.