Wednesday, January 16, 2013


We jumped in the car after lunch and went for an adventure. We ended up here:
 As far as I can recall I have only visited Diamond Harbour once. It is a beautiful place.
 You can see Lyttelton across the harbour.
 It was quite a steep walk down from where we parked the car to the seaside. It was even steeper on the way up (or so I thought!).
 The shore is very rocky.

 There were a few sculptures lurking around.
 Mr Seagull was enjoying the lovely mild weather.
 I found a wee rockpool, and there were lots of interesting things to see. I found masses off little crabs under the rocks. They scurried away indignantly when I rudely uncovered them.
 I wish I had brought my togs with me.
 When we managed to climb back up the steep hill we forced ourselves to purchase an ice-cream. Mmm- hokey pokey. Then we hopped back in the car and drove around the bays to Port Levy, and had a big adventure driving over the "road" through the hills to Little River. I've never encountered a public road with grass growing down the middle. The road was around 20km long, all shingle, and one lane virtually all the way. Lucky we had Johnny's 4WD because my wee car would have been in big trouble. Anyway, it was lots of fun.

On the way home we took a wee drive around the area burnt by the big fire. We were so amazed that more houses were not destroyed. There are burnt areas around so many. The air is thick with the smell of fire. The paddocks close by are filled with mares and their dear wee long legged foals. Scary to think of them caught in the path of the blaze.

On a horsey note, Mrs Tara is now in residence down the road, a lady in waiting. When we did a drive by, Johnny commented on her curvaceous figure. Yes, she is magnificently rotund. I couldn't be more excited about the birth of my very first (partly owned) foal.

Yesterday we found another baby when we went for a drive into the city. We were stopped at a very busy multi-lane intersection when Johnny suddenly said there was a kitten on one of the traffic islands. I said we can't leave it there!!!!! I'm sure you can imagine my horror. I jumped out of the car and raced over, grabbed the wee thing and leaped back into the car. We then drove off, extremely wet, skinny and frozen kitten bundled up on my lap. The poor wee thing. We rushed it over to my cousin, the vet, and she and the vet nurses looked after it and worked to warm it up. It is a wee black and white boy with patches and a pink nose. He is much better today, hissing angrily and showing a bit of a spark. We decided that we couldn't take him (very tempting though), but he will be looked after and then rehomed when he puts on lots of weight. He has a bit of a way to go because he is a wee skeleton.

It was my darling's birthday a few days ago. Look what I found in his parcel, with my name on it:


Anonymous said...

Hey there...sounds like you had a great fun!
Poor wee kitten, I am glad you rescued him.

Love you guys,
Meg xx

Anonymous said...

The wee kitten had a very lucky escape thanks to you. Sounds like you had a lovely day. xxxxx