Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Darling girl

Mrs Tara is still waiting for her foal to arrive. Her tummy is lovely and rounded. She is enjoying the company - Verve and Chili are in the next paddock. As you can see, she is pleased to see me, as usual.
She has a lovely, friendly face, and loves her carrots. With that ginger fur, I'm not surprised!
 I love to give Tara and Zanny a good massage when we get together. I think ladies carrying so much foal weight must get tired, sore backs. The seem to enjoy a rub anyway. Tara is a wee thing compared to Zanny. She is about 15 hand high. Zanny is over 16 hands.
 Tara always says "Don't go!!!" with her big brown eyes. Don't worry Tara, I'll bring the carrots and the brush tomorrow.
 We are into eating things from the garden. I got 6 peaches from my mini peach tree. I was quite proud, but the earwigs and birds had a bit of fun before I got there. I made the first batch of courgette fritters out of my scallopini (pattypan) squashes. Yum.
 And we've got some gorgeous lilies in the garden currently. These are just divine.
I have to start the planning for school tomorrow, so I'll be in town for some of the day. I much prefer life out of the city. We picked blueberries at the local berry farm a couple of days ago, and I made blueberry muffins and jelly with blueberries in it today. Plus had to wash Miss Dog due to a stinky run in with a melting bird feeder (one of those seedy lard ones). Mousie hasn't been feeling the best - let's just say I had to trim his lavish bottom fur, so I've been keeping an eye on him. He seems to be fine. After he 'helped' me to fold the washing and attacked me with his gentle paws vigorously, I thought he was looking brighter. I really enjoyed my peaceful domestic day. Shame it comes to an end tomorrow, but it will be good to get some planning underway with my fantastic new teaching sidekick. I'm team teaching for the first time ever, and have an awesome person to work with. We should have a lot of laughs and fun.

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Anonymous said...

Tara looks lovely, must be good having her close enough to pop in. She will be feeling the heat. Sounds as if your garden is doing well. We are picking beautiful Purple King beans, such a wonderful colour and fascinating how they go plain green when cooked. xxxxxxx