Monday, January 14, 2013

Mouse helps

Mouse is a big help. He is always helping in my work room. Here he is modelling his new bonnet. I'm working on a top in the same fabric. It was going to be a dress, but it is so cute as a top that it is staying that way. My sewing machine has gone into the repair man for an overhaul because it has some issues. I am missing it A LOT!!!!
 Mouse is now having to help with scrapbooking and musical activities in my workroom. He likes to chew the corners of my pages.

Mouse also helps in the garden. He has discovered that my tiny little seedlings are no barrier to carrying out his ablutions. He has also discovered that I am not amused.
 He has used his initiative to help himself to his own dinner, straight from the pack. He pulled this big bag off the bench, chewed his way in, and had a small snack.
It has been so hot. Today was cooler, so I had a huge weeding session in the front garden. We filled the back of Johnny's 4WD and took it to the greenwaste dump. A huge effort. We've had a very serious fire in the farmland near to here, so I'm glad I have got rid of the dry undergrowth from my front garden how. Scary.

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Anonymous said...

That fabric is is Mr Mouse!
The fires must have been super scary.

Love you guys,