Monday, January 7, 2013

Hmmm- finished

Here's my finished shirtwaister dress, which is super comfy, but makes me look wide as a house. 
The main fitting problem is that the shoulders of the dress are sticking out at least an inch beyond my shoulders, then the tops of the sleeves puff out as well. There is also a lot of fabric puffing out across the back. Add the width of the shoulders to my ample bust and my head is dwarfed. I will still be happy to wear it around home, and, apart from the fit, I am pleased with how I managed to piece it all together. 

After seeing myself in all of my busty glory, I went with Johnny to the mountain bike track at Mclean's Island and slogged it out for over 10 km. I'm actually not sure I can lose weight, as I just seem to slowly gain. I need to really knuckle down so that I can be lighter for Zanny. Wish me luck! I'm not holding out any hope for my boobs reducing in size! They have a life all of their own. 


Anonymous said...

Hi the dress is lovely, I see what you mean about the shoulders though. I don't know if you could make the seam wider?Anyway, well done for making it!! So hot and windy here, Dad and I went to town and while we were there an incident happened - in the long paddock the middle blew out of a silver birch which felled the power wires which were live and set fire to the grass. The fire engine put it out and were just leaving when we arrived home. The live wires were across the road, so that took some sorting out. There was a patch burnt about as big as our dining area. Luckily the wind wasn't blowing up the paddock from the road.....
Love Mum. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello..the dress looks are so clever!!
You can lose weight...we will do it together, slwo weight loss is actually better for long term slimness!!Great start with the biking. I have had a horrid headache for the past two days...slept for 10 hours last night and I still have the damn headache today.

Have a great day,