Thursday, December 27, 2012


 It wouldn't be Christmas with our family without one of Mum's famous pavlovas. I love pavlova! Homegrown strawberries on top too.

We're on holiday on the family farm, and having a wonderful time. The weather has been HOT and the insects have been biting, but life at a leisurely pace is a lovely change. Christmas Day was fantastic, not least because we had this very excited little man to share it with. Our wee nephew Henry. He was absolutely thrilled with his biggest surprise- a perfect little house built by Poppa, compete with door handle (possibly the best bit). He took his Thomas train set in there and played and played.

Miss Dog has enjoyed his company too. We all love the space to run around.
 This is "The Cottage" where we are staying due to having our furry children with us on holiday. It is easier to stay over there away from the main house because the resident cat, Rupert, would be highly offended by visitors of a feline or canine nature. Mousie has been staunchly insisting on holding on so that he can use the toilet outside. We bought a little harness and lead for him. Yes, embarrassing, but it is a jolly, festive red in colour, and as Mousie has a tendency to run for his life at the slightest alarming noise, we need to have a way of controlling him deep in farm country. I must get a photo of him on one of his outside jaunts.
 I'm afraid many photos we have taken are not really suitable for using on the blog as quite frankly, running around under the sprinkler in our swimming togs is not something to share with the world. Particularly after the huge Christmas dinner we had. I'll see if I can do better over the next few days. I hope you are having a lovely holiday season!

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