Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Welcome Little One

Today was a very special day because Tara had a beautiful filly foal. She had her this morning in daylight, which was a bit of a surprise.
Tara was tucking into a well deserved snack after a hard morning. She needed some help to deliver her foal safely as the wee one had a leg back. Tara is not a big girl, but her foal is going to be bigger than her due to the size of her husband.

 It was a huge effort to get those wobbly legs to work.
 Look at that amazing blaze! It is hard to tell what colour she is going to be.
 Wobble, wobble, wobble.
 Tara is an affectionate mother. The foal had to work very hard to find out where to get a drink, because Tara's tummy is pretty low compared to the height of the foal. Don't worry though, they had it all sorted out before too long.
I can't wait to see the beautiful pair again tomorrow. Hopefully we will have a name for her soon. She will look quite different by tomorrow, and will be getting used to those long, long legs.

--- It looks like she might be called Aria. Pretty, I think!


Anonymous said...

awww...she is so gorgeous!! I love the close up of her face. I love a big blaze on a horse.



Anonymous said...

Lovely, well done to Tara, the foal has lovely markings! xxxxMum.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful foal, she looks like she has lipstick on!! Absolutely stunning. Imagine what she would have to a lovely gypsy cob!!

xx ems