Friday, December 21, 2012

Sorry - more horse photos

Oh dear, I can't resist. More horse photos. Today we went out to sort out a present, then I went out to see the girls. They were all great. 
 Fergie was stretching her legs.

 I managed to sneak in a good stroke and a wee brush today because she was having a drink and I reached under Zanny's neck to touch her. She's inquisitive, but wary at this stage.
Tara wasn't moving fast anywhere, but she loved a good scratch and brush too. She has a lovely big paddock to enjoy. I am excited to see who is curled up within her generous, rounded tummy.
 In the garden the pink flowered strawberries have these wee sweet fruit tucked under the leaves. They are full of flavour, and I'm guessing they are part of the alpine strawberry family, rather being fat dessert strawberries. They are mainly grown for flowers, I believe, but once established, these fruit are a great bonus.
I hope your Christmas preparations are going to plan. So far, so good, in our department. A Christmas miracle!

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos of the horses, Fergie is so lovely..she looks so soft!!

Off out to get a present in a minute ;>)