Saturday, December 15, 2012

Around the garden

It really feels summery around here. We went out to do some Christmas shopping today and managed to get a few things. No pictures on here though! The wind came up today, so I didn't do much outside except for hang out loads of washing, but I did take a few photos out the back. This year quite a few poppies have come up from seed and the variation in colour is surprising. I guess they have all evolved from the original red soldier poppies that I planted about 3 years ago. 
 The bumblebees love my garden.

 The colours are rather wishy-washy, apart from the brilliant vermilion ones. I think I might need to introduce some bright jewel coloured ones.

Gertrude Jekyll has the most delicious rose fragrance.  She is planted on Monty's grave. I still miss darling Monty. He was the dearest, gentle boy.
 Penelope reminds me of my lovely mummy because she gave me the cutting, which I brought with me from my old garden. The second flush of blooms have a warm peach tone to the newly opened petals. They were more pink in the first round.
 I adore Mutabilis which is fascinating because its butterfly-like flowers change through soft yellow, cerise, oranges and pink as they mature. This year I have some perfectly matched pink lilies underneath.

 This is Tea Clipper which is utterly delicious in a warm buttery tone. The blooms are quite large and remind me of Mousie's crinkled tummy fur.
 The artichokes are having a good year too. I love to have them just to look at, even though they are tasty too.
 We have one snowpea plant. I know I would have planted masses but this one was given to me, along with its unfortunate friend (Miss Dog - I know you know what happened to the poor thing). Look at my pioneer woman washing line getting the washing dry. I have five low growing tomatoes around the snowpea. Yes, there were six, but again, Miss Dog, please explain. We also have some basil and chives in this bed too. The blue plant in the background is a Jacob's ladder, which self-seeds merrily in my borders.
 Finally, unfortunately a couple of my small gardens have been overcome by a tangle of weeds. I will have to take everything out over the winter and start again. I thought I might plant some tall standard bay trees surrounded by herbs, and move the two roses carefully. This is The Prince  I think. I adore plum coloured roses.
Tomorrow we've got an end of year staff picnic to go to, and fortunately it is out at the horse farm. Yay- that means I can visit my beautiful girls and spoil them lots.

Gosh watching the news has been incredibly grim today. Make the most of every day.

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