Sunday, December 16, 2012


Today we attended the end of year staff picnic lunch, which conveniently is at the horse farm. Apart from a delicious lunch, I got to see my girls.

Did I tell you the foal is called Fergie? Something to do with the stallion being called Ferguson or something like that. Anyway, she is growing just as she should and I managed to give her a good face rub under her chin, and a stroke along her back, which is great because she is wary of people.

 Fergie was a bit grubby today. She spends plenty of time sleeping still and lies down in the grass so that she is hidden. And the milk bar is always open. She did have a wee nibble at some chaff today while her mummy had breakfast. She has her own little food bucket, but isn't quite ready to have a good munch.
 She reminded me of a giraffe today, trying to work out how to manage those long, long legs while trying to check out things on the ground.
 It was so hot today, and Shadow kept playing, then overheating and having a big rest, puffing and gasping. He is feeling his age now.
 These two characters are on holiday boarding at the farm while their owner is off overseas. They are only interested in food, and are not really into people.
 Tara, however, loves people. Here she is heading to see me on her newly trimmed hooves, which are a little sore because they were in such bad condition prior to her visit from the farrier. She won't have to worry about them growing too long again. Not if I've got anything to do with it.
 She is such a honey and I gave her a big brush while she stood happily in her paddock. She didn't want me to leave.
Johnny got to meet her today and she was impressed with him too and was very smoochy. 

Johnny and I both managed to get zapped by the electric fence today. I was disadvantaged by wearing a dress while trying to negotiate the three hot wires. I've had much worse electric fence shocks before, so managed not to disgrace myself by looking like a wimp. 

Only 2 1/2 days left of school this year. Counting down! Yay!

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Anonymous said...

Hi...don't the horses look lovely. Zanny looks great.

Hope next couple of days go well. Roll on Christmas holidays, we can't wait to see you guys.
Love you,