Thursday, December 13, 2012

Going home

A last look around...
 Time for a bit of a play in the yard while waiting for her ride home.
 The jury is still out on what colour she will be. She may be a bright bay. Initially it looked like she would be a mini version of her mummy. Maybe not!
 What an inquisitive wee lady! I think she was tempted to take that quad-bike for a spin.
Only a week ago she was wobbly on her feet, and wanted to sleep all the time. Now she is exploring every corner, cantering, bucking, nibbling grass and could probably find the milk bar blindfolded. 

Zanny and baby were carefully loaded onto a float and gingerly left the maternity farm for their ride home.  


Anonymous said...

awww..she is so gorgeous. Almost the weekend...yay!! xx

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful and has a lovely face. Lets hope her life is healthy and happy. We are off to Whangamata tomorrow. xxxxxMum