Saturday, November 10, 2012

Almost 11 months...

How would you like to be this pregnant?
 She has less than three weeks to go, if all goes to plan.
 Ooh- what's that kicking and wriggling in there?
Not long to put up with all of this extra weight now. 
Poor Zanny. Her legs look like wee sticks in these photos. She was awfully stiff after we'd had our customary brush and treat session. Her movements are quite deliberate and careful. She ate and ate when I took her out in the long grass to graze. I'll be so glad when the foal arrives safe and sound. It is a scary time, and she is so dear to me. She had a different feel about her today. A little more anxious, I think.

Today I had a great chat on the phone with my lovely Dad. We never run out of things to talk about. We had to get out and about to do some jobs and I got a few scrapbooking papers, and two pretty dresses from Ezibuy. They are 50's shaped so suit my curves well, and will be good for warm school days. I might show you if I get a bit of a Madmen look going with the hair and makeup. I don't think I've got any shoes to fit the theme. I'm not too impressed with the (affordable) shoes available in the shops this year.

I'm having a play with my scrapbooking stuff currently. The Crafty Neighbour came over and had a few ideas to get me going. She's done a lot more than I have, and although our styles are totally different, she has great ideas and is more confident about chopping stuff up to make layers. I am drawn to beautiful papers with blousy flowers or birds decorating them, and they are quite hard to use because I don't want to cover any of the design up.

I was planning to start some scrapbook pages on the roses in my garden this afternoon and my camera decided that it would focus, but would absolutely not take a photo. Hmm. I wonder if I've exposed it to too much farm dust. Anyway, Johnny had a fiddle and it went (of course). I hope it isn't going to start playing up. You'll be hearing about it if it does!

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Meg said...

Gosh...Zanny is huge!!

Not much to report from here...lovely hot day, a trip to the beach and a big walk along to Railway reserve and new pillows from the Briscoes sale.
I liked the look of some of the Ezibuy dresses but thought I really would need to try before I buy!

Love you,