Friday, November 9, 2012

Horses and Royalty

I had a very unusual experience late this afternoon. Someone very famous popped into the region to try out some promising horses, as she is looking for a new star. One of those horses was my special horsey boyfriend Johnny. No, not my darling man, although he was a star today too. And no, he isn't for sale at any price. It was Zara Phillips. How exciting! 

I had enough time to go home and change before heading out to meet up with Em and Johnny Horse. Em had several of my other horse boyfriends there as well, so I had plenty of horse bonding time. My favourite thing is when they snuffle my face, wanting to bond with shared breath. Horses have lovely warm breath that smells like sweet hay. 

Zara arrived and seemed so friendly and "normal" if you can say that about the Queen's grand-daughter. She is a beautiful rider, and it was a pleasure to see how she interacted with the horses. She obviously loves them. Johnny is a tricky boy, and she had him jumping beautifully. 

So I did have a very royal, and horsey encounter this afternoon. It was all very low key. I didn't take a camera, because I felt that would be violating Zara's privacy, and the only photos were video taken for Zara to review. I thought it was wonderful that a tiny handful of people knew that she was visiting, and were there to see her in action. And I was lucky enough to be one of them! 

I wonder if the rest of the weekend will be just as interesting???


Meg said... cool, she is my favourite Royal (don't really like any of the others!!).

That is a fun story to have,

Anonymous said...

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