Monday, October 22, 2012


The rain is gurgling in the downpipes outside the window this evening. After our lovely fine weekend, the rain has moistened the garden and made Mouse rather frustrated. He loves to play outside but isn't sure about the rain. He is lying on his back on a quilt peacefully napping. 

I had a bit of time sewing before my sewing machine threw a hissy fit and I had to spend considerable time fiddling before deciding the needle may be fractionally bent. I replaced it, resulting in resumption of sewing, but by then I was ready for a cup of tea. Or "Coffee O'Clock" as we say when summoning The Crafty Neighbours over for afternoon tea, which is a regular event around here. We love The Crafty Neighbours as they are just like having family next door. I would LOVE to have my family living in our wee street. We would have so much fun. 

On the tea theme, I have been getting a few treasures out at last. They have been in hiding for years due to earthquake risk, so it was lovely to make a wee display with my primrose china collection. Here is one of my most special trios. I have searched high and low to find out about this design and eventually discovered that it is Royal Paragon G1771. It doesn't seem to have a name. It is actually a very pretty bright green and yellow, but the flash washed the colour out. I believe it is a 1930s set, and on the base it says it is a replica of china made for Her Majesty the Queen. It is hand painted with bright gilt trims. Gorgeous. I wish I could find out more about it. 
 This is a lovely wee set, and I need to look for a side plate to match. I think this is a more common design by Aynsley.
 This is Royal Albert Primulette which is very sweet. Royal Albert did some very special floral patterns.
 I'm very fond of this glass pedestal dish too. It is quite sturdy and heavy.
 Much of my favourite china is floral chintz designs. This is such a delicious pattern created by Crown Ducal on a large plate.
 I also love this Empire Staffordshire wattle patterned chintz with the squiggly gilt border.
 I must get the rest of my little chintz collection out of the cupboard, and start adding to it. I don't mind a bit of wear because it shows the china was used, plus mint condition chintz is very expensive.

Johnny is another treasure around here. He even cut a good inch off my hair this morning. I was getting a bit restless about chopping it all off into a bob again when I decided that whacking a bit off the length to tidy it up would make it easier to manage. Naturally Johnny was reluctant, but as my hair is now randomly very wavy at the ends (a relatively recent phenomenon) it really doesn't matter about being accurate when chopping. I was pleased with the result, in spite of humidity frizz today.

Johnny was also a treasure at dinner time because he was watching Hugh F.W. making pasties and decided to make his own.
 WOW! These would give a fancy gourmet pastie a run for its money.
He made them with Mum and Dad's agria spuds, beef mince, mushrooms and other secret ingredients. He's becoming more and more interested in cooking and I'm very pleased indeed. Keep up the great work, I say!

Apparently Christchurch is one of the top 10 places in the world to visit according to Lonely Planet (or another travel guidey thingy). Not sure if today would be the best day for tourists, with the rain pelting down. It is still encouraging to hear that the city is getting back into business instead of having a bit of an undeserved no-go reputation. I think that there is a lot to see and do in Christchurch, and it can only get better and better. Plus you can get a look at the effects of a massive earthquake on a city while staying in relative comfort in the minimally damaged areas.

Only four work days for us this week. That sounds fantastic to me!


Anonymous said...

Yum those pasties look mighty tasty! Glad you have had a good weekend. Lovely photos of your china collection, so fortunate that it survived the earthquakes. Love you xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous china and very tasty looking pasties...go John!!

Have a great week at school.
Love you,