Sunday, October 28, 2012


I am rather disappointed in myself for not taking photos this weekend. I was struck down by a nasty headache yesterday, so I was in survival mode, rather than thinking about blogging. Johnny did take me in to the Restart Mall, which was having its first birthday. There was a huge queue for cake, and lots of people enjoying the shops, stalls and buskers. I was pleased with our purchase of a tui to match my fantail mirror, plus some butterfly mirrors to go with my china plate butterfly. Photos to come. Plus Johnny got some awesome jandals. I got some lemon sherbet sweets from the old fashioned grocery shop, Johnson's Grocery. There was a sign outside the door announcing the arrival of some Stilton cheese, and unfortunately the smell in the shop also announced the arrival of the cheese. That didn't stop the crowds. 

I did some serious weeding today. The front border had been infiltrated by grass, and there was a clover plantation under the laurels. I had to take action over some unruly poppies as well. 

I went out to visit Zanny. Frazer is looking so big and handsome now he is heading for three years old. Here he is as a little man only a few days old. He was friendly from the day he was born.

 Hopefully Zanny is carrying a bit more weight this time around. She already looks skinny here and she had only been feeding for a few days. Frazer had very long legs, with great bones.
Then a few months later he had grown a lot. Dear Zanny was so happy to share her baby with visitors. 
I am naturally anxious about the next few weeks as Zanny gets closer to delivery. She is looking vast and uncomfortable. I must take a photo next week from the front or back because her tummy is impressive. Today I gave her a brush, then we had a graze in the long grass. When I returned her to the paddock Dolly, the Standardbred, was hanging around so I grabbed her for some attention, much to her surprise. She belongs to the neighbours as a pet, but doesn't like being caught, so she wanders around happily in her big paddock free from any concerns or bothers. I took her to the yard for a brush. She was mildly alarmed, and produced the biggest poo I have ever seen a horse do. Dolly is notorious for her rotund figure, so I'm not sure whether it was nerves or her remarkable capacity for grass that caused the giant output. I had fun fussing over her, and hopefully I can catch her again for some more attention. 

I planted some beetroot, lettuce and radish seeds this evening. Casting my eyes over photos of previous years vegetable plots have given me hope. I've got onions, shallots, peas, tomatoes, garlic, pak choy, rocket, chard, spinach, radishes and coriander growing in the outside beds. The greenbouse has a big tomato and small ones, plus some chili and capsicum plants. I also have my trays of seeds. I actually have possibly hundreds of tomato seedlings popping up everywhere in the greenhouse soil. Quite scary as I hate to waste them. If I had the time and energy I could pot them up to sell at school. 

Right now I'm enjoying:
  • Downton Abbey Series One borrowed from Barbara. The costumes. The story lines. Heavenly. 
  • The Icebar Co. ginger beer iceblocks. The weather is heating up!
  • The latest New Zealand Gardener magazine. Full of interesting stuff. 
  • Cuddles with my animal friends. Wee cuddles with Mr Mouse, middle sized wriggly cuddles with Miss Dog and great big delicious smelling horse cuddles with Zanny. 
  • Happy salad greens- much nicer than sad wintery ones. 
  • Asparagus. I like mine cooked until soft. Possibly a food crime, but it tastes better to me than crispy stuff, and I like the texture. 
  • Halloween with my class. We made fabulous springy legged spiders and then created some decorated biscuit ones with hairy chocolate hail backs and licorice legs. Too bad if it isn't PC, I love a few good witches, ghosts and goblins. 
  • Bed time. I think I might head for my nest now. Goodnight!

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Anonymous said...

I loved the Restart Mall when we went with you was great.

I also like my asparagus soggy...why would you want it crispy??!!

I have fingers and toes crossed for Zanny for a safe delivery of her wee foal.
You would be proud of Henry, he rode in the wee cart behind a shaggy wee pony at the Founders Festival this cool!! (the pony was called Bernie).

Love you,