Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lovely Labour Weekend

Oh yes- a long weekend! We have had two lovely sunny days. Tomorrow is supposed to be very wet. I got to see Zanny yesterday, and as she only has about a month to go until the foal is born, her tummy is a vast expanse when I reach under her to get into every furry spot with the brush. She always seems thrilled to see me, probably because now I bring treats and a thorough scratchy brushing, rather than a saddle and bridle. Plus I hang out with her while she grazes on the luxury hayshed paddock grass. 

Of course there has been gardening. So many pretty and interesting things to see in the garden. I love it!

 Oooh- look how handsome Mr Mouse is as a grown up boy.
 Mousie takes a great deal of interest in gardening. He is checking out the shallots. Not digging a toilet.
By the way, he did have an unfortunate accident earlier this week when he was investigating the toilet in my bathroom and slipped off the toilet seat and fell in with his back end. He got very wet paws and wasn't pleased. All I could do was laugh. He has very furry feet - not good for gripping slippery surfaces. 

Here is my homemade "Portrait Blouse" from my new book Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing." Check out Gertie's blog. The fabric is quite stiff and sort of sits on my body, rather than drapes into my curves, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing for disguising the exuberantly lavish areas. I could refine the fit a bit, but for my first effort, I'm pleased. The fabric is vintage.
 This is my current project, the shirtwaist dress. I love this vintage style print. This is the shirring battle underway. The elastic is hand-wound onto the bobbin, and then stitched with a regular thread in the top. My machine was not very keen on this idea. Once the six rows were completed (eventually), I carefully steamed over the stitching with my iron and the shirring crinkled up like magic!

Today I'm coveting some goodies from Cath Kidston. I've loved this dear wee rose and birdie fabric for ages.
 I was delighted to find some fantastic horsey prints appearing.
 Sweet wee stocking fillers.
 I had to have a good peer at this before I decided -yes- I want one. Or do you think it looks a bit tacky?
 I love these little badges! Who can resist red squirrels and foxes?
There are lots more gorgeous things on the Cath Kidston website that I love! Maybe I'll share some more with you another day. 

By the way, Nigella Lawson sucked me into trying the new Whittaker's Creamy Milk Chocolate which is now "5 roll refined." If you love Whittaker's chocolate you are going to love this. It has a creamier texture. Divine. Thanks Nigella. Now resisting chocolate at the supermarket is going to be even harder. 


Anonymous said...

Hey there...
Great photos..the top looks great and you look gorgeous!!
Wow, the sheering sounds quite complicated...glad ot went ok!
I love all those Cath things too...and no, the horse belt is not tacky :>)

Mr Mouse has grown up into a very handsome cat.

I went out the Ngatimoti today and Henry spent time with Neecee and and mum took him to the Ngatimoti festival which was a seething mass of people but we had fun. The real fruit ice creams were great.
Henry showed keen interest in the horses though he couldn't be persuaded to go too near to them.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Hi yes it was great to have someone to go to the festival with and it was fun. I think you look gorgeous too in your new top - turned out very well. Lovely photos of Mr Mouse, what a pretty colour he is. Love to all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx