Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rose and Friends

So beautiful. I love my garden, with all of its surprises, old friends and weedy corners. Today when I arrived home the light was so glorious that my roses were glowing. 

 Mmm- sweetpeas.
 The border by the driveway. There is a box hedge in there somewhere, but I love the enthusiastic interlopers that have popped up over the last four years. Wow- have we really been here for that long?
 This is Wild Eve. She is actually the rose with the hugest blooms in my garden. They are spectacular.

 I really must get lots more exciting bearded iris. This year I hope to visit some of the local iris gardens. I need to look out for open days.

 These aquilegias are very tall, and they are so pretty this year.

 I have these delightful pink strawberries in the front garden. They have tiny, very sweet fruit later on.
 The weather has been so warm that I have had to start watering in earnest in the vegetable garden. I'm already in sleeveless tops and dresses for most of the day, and the sun block has been liberally applied to my extremely burn-prone skin several times a day. I've been swimming and absolutely loved it. I'm actually a pretty good swimmer, surprisingly, since I hardly ever practise. I am very buoyant (curves come in handy at times). The only swimming stroke I can't do is butterfly. Next year, when I'm not so busy, I might go after school once a week, plus I'll have my swimming session with my class. Lots of fun. No one has a pool around here, because I think people would find it a waste of money with our climate. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a big heated one all to yourself!

Mouse got a bit of a surprise today when I accidentally turned on the sprinkler in the greenhouse with him inside. He came tearing out of there at very high speed. Poor little man. He's hunting flies now.

Not long until the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Wow..your roses are gorgeous. The pink strawberry is lovely...I would love to grow them!

Has been very hot here too. Maybe you need to come up here and take Henry swimming and we can go to the Peony garden (gorgeous!!).

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Hi, love the photos, the roses are gorgeous as is the strawberry. There is the Iris garden in Richmond, too. and look at the galleries. Yummy! xxxxxxxx Mum.