Sunday, October 14, 2012

Quick note and a link

I've had a very busy day grooming at the One Day Event at Mcleans Island today. We were looking after TC, Lewis, Hurrah, Johnny and Billy, and they were all good boys who tried hard. Yesterday was so wet and this morning did not look at all promising, so I took my raincoat rather than my camera. The sun came out in a blaze of light, and I'm hoping the moisturiser with sunscreen worked so I won't be starting the new term with an extra rosy face.

Mouse was very pleased because his Auntie Emily came to visit. She couldn't believe how big he has grown. He has all of his adult teeth, and no longer feels as light as a feather. As she is a vet she could check out his wonky jaw and we were delighted to hear that his teeth have lined up in a way which means he won't need surgery to remove his lower fangs. There was a possibility that he would not be able to close his mouth properly because his fangs would spike into the top of his mouth. We all love it when Emily comes to visit.

I'm underway with the first dress project. I ran into quite a battle over the shirring. The shirtwaist dress requires shirring in a band across the lower back. I've never tackled shirring before, and nor has my sewing machine. We did have some major disagreements, because following the first row, disaster kept striking. I even ended up opening her up and giving her a good clean inside, because I kept having hideous tangles. The final tangle occurred 10cm from the end of the last row. Frustrating, but I got there in the end, and figured out a few strategies to manage my machine when shirring, so hopefully I'll have a few less tangles next time.

I'll be starting back at school tomorrow. I want to remember my important message which is to celebrate each and every day because life passes so quickly, and you don't know what is around the corner. And to all women, and men too, check out the Our Women website for important information on breast cancer. Self-checking and regular mammograms from 40 could save your life.

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