Friday, October 12, 2012

Keeping busy

Today was a happy, busy day. Johnny worked hard on my new raised vegetable patches. I planted lots of sweetpeas with plenty of horse poo compost to give them a boost. I also did lots of weeding, and hardly made a clearing in the jungle.

I popped out to see the largest love of my life, Zanny, who continues to expand each time I see her. I imagine the foal curled up tight in her big, rounded tummy. I had to walk right up the paddock to get her today, and I didn't realise Shadow, the fox terrier, had followed me. As I turned around with Zanny Frazer (Zanny's two year old son) started chasing Shadow down the paddock at high speed. Poor Shadow could barely keep ahead of Frazer, who had thundering hooves and a menacing air about him. Very scary. I guess Shadow was extremely relieved to be through the electric fence to safety, after his frantic 100m sprint. I'm hoping that Frazer was just playing, but it was horrible to watch. Frazer is getting too big for his boots, and I'll be quite glad when Emily starts breaking him in, because I think he's a bit bored in the paddock. She will start working with him in January.

Anyway, Zanny enjoyed her brush, and had plenty of carrots to munch. I trimmed up the feathery hairs on her fetlocks, and now she resembles a very rotund show horse (in my dreams).

I got busy this evening and cut the fabric for my first dress. I pinned my muslin and think it will fit ok. Hopefully. I did run into one issue. I discovered that the fabric is not wide enough for the pattern at the bottom of the skirt. Oops. Never mind. I made it work. I hope. If I get cracking, we might find out tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Your garden is looking gorgeous.
Great day for sewing today (here at least) is pouring.

Can't wait tot see the dress once it is made. Check out the Vintage Heaven and Voon websites for inspiration,

Love you guys,