Thursday, October 11, 2012

The winner is...

Leander! Actually the annual "First Rose of the Season" competition was a tie. 
 I discovered Best Wishes had a sneaky bloom tucked down low, which made me very pleased indeed.
 So, on the day of our dear wee nephew's third birthday, the first roses are blooming, and it was a glorious, warm, sunny day.

I started working on the toile/muslin of my first dress pattern when The Crafty Neighbour came over for a chat and afternoon tea, which was lovely, as always. The rest of the day was spent outdoors. Johnny is creating my new raised beds in the back vegetable garden. I'm so excited. We initially built some rough raised beds, and are now replacing them with permanent bigger beds, which match my other ones. I will show you the before and after pictures another day. Meanwhile, take a look at a few treasures from my colourful garden. I love flowers so much!

Pretty blue miniature iris.
 Sweet peas, self sown from last year's crop. I planted some more of these today. I have grown approximately 100 from seed, and now have to find places for them to go.
 Sun Disk jonquils. I have quite a clump of these, and they are just coming out now. They are the latest daffodils in my garden.
 Bluebells. These are the Spanish ones, I think. They are quite sturdy and lavish looking. I have the more petite English ones too.
 Dutch irises. I have quite a few of these in mixed clumps. They seem to be happily multiplying.
 My wee friends, the pansies. I love their delightful, happy faces.
I hope you enjoyed seeing just a few of the treasures in my garden. We'll be doing some more work on the vegetable patches tomorrow. I hope to go to visit Zanny too, as the weather is supposed to be nasty on Saturday. A good sewing day, I hope. 

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