Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lady in Waiting

I've been sick. Last Wednesday my voice was a mere croak. I had three days off school and thought ah ha - that'll keep the worst at bay, but on Friday night my throat started to hurt a lot. Yesterday was so long and miserable. Today I managed a lot of napping, and a wee prowl around the garden with the camera. I feel so grouchy and irritable when I'm sick. Waiting, waiting, waiting to feel better.

On the bright side, I've been waiting for some time for this parcel. 
 Oh yes! My copy of Gertie's amazing sewing book has landed on my doorstep. This book is a guide to vintage sewing techniques, and contains a variety of full-sized patterns for vintage inspired clothing.
 I battled my way through producing a top and part of a skirt over the last few slightly hazy days. Mousie finds sewing very exciting. Here he is helping with arranging some fabric.
 I'll fill you in on my sewing activities in the next post, I hope. Meanwhile, Mouse and Miss Dog have loved the company. We now have two weeks holiday, which is just as well, because I have a long way to go before I feel like myself again.

Mouse gets a rather angry expression on his face, and attacks Miss Dog's head. Why? Because he can.
 Mr Mouse with jaws wrapped around Miss Dog's face. Miss Dog is attempting to gently scrape him off with her paw.
 Actually, I think Mouse is furious about all of the hideous gas Miss Dog has been emitting since we bought her a big bag of a food she has never had before. Oh dear. Sometimes when I'm ill my sense of smell goes into superhero mode, which is VERY unfortunate given the current air conditions. Mouse is trying to tell Miss Dog to pucker up and take it outside.

The garden is looking very pretty, with beautiful colours and textures everywhere.

 I'm anxiously awaiting the first rose bloom. The aphids are not prepared to wait. I need to take some firm action.
Christmas lilies. So beautiful and a reminder of family times.

 I spotted a bright green katydid on the fresh maple leaves.

I found a herd of snails grazing on my globe artichokes. I'm not keen on squashing them and generally throw them vigorously over the back fence into the cemetery, but there were just so many that I felt worried that they would return en mass and destroy my vegetable seedlings. I was wishing for a few chickens to help me to dispose of them.

I'm so proud of my wonderful Mum and Dad for another champion daffodil bloom. They have cleaned up in the competitions this year! They won champion in both National Shows. They'll be back tomorrow for a night, so I'm hoping to be feeling a million times better. I haven't seen my darling Zanny in ages either and need to spend plenty of time with her over the holidays. Then there is digging for victory, and now sewing for victory as well. I'm feeling impatient for my germs to abandon ship and leave me in peace so that I can get busy!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you have been poorly...that is no good!! Especially now the weather has come right.

I am very excited to see your new sewing projects...the book sounds fabulous.
Gorgeous photos of the garden.

I will email a few photos of Henry from the weekend. He wee-ed in his potty today, I almost cried with joy. We have had a super weekend.

Love to you and John (and animals xx),