Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Feeling more like myself...

I know, I promised sewing, but my brain has been so fuzzy that I needed to get out in the fresh air over the last couple of beautiful sunny days. Tonight I'm feeling a bit brighter and optimistic. I get awfully maudlin when ill. 

Today I zoomed out to visit my darling girl Mrs Zanny (Viv said she can't be a "Miss" in her condition- what a disgrace that would be), and not a moment too soon, apparently. Her coat is falling out by huge handfuls, and she was so pleased to have a thorough brush to scratch the itches. The foal has dropped into a lower position in her tummy. There's still a lot of dust dulling her coat, but I made a huge difference to her appearance. 
 She was smiling at me a lot, and loved being spoiled with lots of carrots.
 Look at the horrible, dusty clumps of fur I got out. This was only part of the huge pile.
We both enjoyed ourselves in the sunshine, Zanny oozing pleasure in her quiet way as I vigorously brushed huge clumps of fur to reveal her lovely summer coat. I may go out again tomorrow, and I'll take the brush out to the paddock and give Frazer a good brush too, because he was desperate. His coat is just like his mummy's because it seems to be coming out in the same huge itchy clumps.

It feels peaceful around here tonight. Mousie is asleep on Johnny, his wee furry feet dangling over the side. Miss Dog is quietly snoring on her mat. I hope all is peaceful in your world.

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Anonymous said...

Awww...she is gorgeous. I am sure she is enjoying the extra attention.
Looking forward to more blog updates,