Sunday, September 23, 2012


I had a fantastic, busy, creative weekend. The weather was glorious. I decided that I needed to really focus on the garden, so didn't do anything horsey. I still love you Zanny! I can send her some of these to keep her going until next weekend. 
 This is the last of my carrot crop. Most of my carrots have been for the horses, but they are tasty for us too. Tonight I grated two into some couscous, along with some lemon juice, chopped capsicum, spring onion, a crushed garlic clove, salt and pepper. I tossed some roasted peanuts in too. We love couscous. I tried the pre-flavoured type, but it is pretty salty and artificially flavoured, so I'd rather prepare my own.

Kermit the (Prickly) Frog was watching over proceedings in the back yard. So were Mousie and Miss Dog. Today I planted some chili pepper and bell pepper seeds, and popped two red capsicum seedlings into the greenhouse.
 I cleared out any overgrown veges, including the carrots, from the raised beds, and spread out the lovely rotted horse poo evenly. My veges are going to love their nutritious homes. I planted some lettuce seedlings. I always start with a punnet of seedlings, then the rest of my salads are grown from seed. You can see my spinach and rainbow chard in the closest bed.
 The sprinkler stand is one of two Johnny made. At the moment the watering can is doing all of the work.

Look- rosebuds in my garden. I did some serious weeding along the back in my mixed border. I sneak veges and herbs in among the flowering plants in the mixed border beds. And the odd deceased family pet too. I planted 10 wonderful oriental lily bulbs among the perennials and roses. Two went on Monty's grave, one for him and one for his sister Purrsia. I loved them both so much. Jasper has a plum tree, and Merlin, my big bunny, has the flowering cherry. That will be bursting into bloom shortly, with dainty blush pink tutus suspended from the branches.
 I've managed to get some sewing done this weekend too. I finished a long awaited quilt, and will show you later in the week, once the recipient has seen it. I am thrilled with it. I've got Christmas on my mind, and I have this delicious piece of owly fabric which is going to become a cushion.
 I'm working on another little wall quilt for use during the Christmas season. It will be made up of nine pinwheel blocks separated by sashes.
 The pinwheels are made by a very cunning technique, which involves placing two fabric squares right sides together. Sew around the edge (I use my 1/4 inch foot to keep myself on track). Carefully cut across the diagonals. You will end up with these once you open each quarter up.
Make lots and you can do all sorts of things with them. They should be lovely and square if you have been careful when sewing and cutting. You can make pinwheels or join them in different ways to make other patterns.

I also got some treats from Stitch yesterday, but I'll save sharing those for another day. With the holidays coming up I'm bursting with creativity. I'm determined to get a couple more quilt projects finished. Johnny has indicated some interest in working on the raised beds in the back vegetable patch over the holidays. He loves a project too. Mr Mouse says he would love to spend lots of time exploring in the garden, and Miss Dog will happily poke her nose into whatever I'm doing. We all hope for lots of sunshine. XXX

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend and got a lot done.
That couscous sounds nice, might have to try it!
Love the crafty projects...wish I had more time for creativity...I will have to try harder.

Have a great week,

Love you,