Thursday, September 20, 2012

Spaghetti cheese

Today is a macaroni cheese day. Well, actually, it is a spaghetti cheese day. For some reason, when I'm feeling extra tired, I love a bowl of cheesy, saucy spaghetti. Not just any spaghetti cheese. It has to be made by Johnny with his special trick of adding a little mushroom stock (from a good stock cube) to the cheese sauce. Now that is comfort food.

We have got tomorrow and then there will be one week left of term 3. Gosh the years are passing by fast. I was thinking today how much we look forward to home time, or Friday, or the end of term, when actually we are wishing life away.

On a brighter note. What is good around here at the moment?

  • Glee. The new season has started again. Love it, and am happy to admit it. 
  • Flowers. Spring is fabulous. 
  • The first rose buds. Rosa Banksia Lutea (spelling??) on the fence by my car park at school is showing a touch of colour. 
  • Sweetpea seeds germinating in the greenhouse. Masses of them. 
  • Game of Thrones. I love that too, although it was a struggle staying up late to watch it last night. 
  • Zanny has had a vet check and is looking perfect. 
  • Cath Kidston horsey products. 
  • Mouse thinking I'm his mummy. So cute. 
  • 1950s style dresses. I want to wear them all summer long. I need to make some first though. 
  • Stitch having a sale over the weekend. OH MY GOODNESS!!! 
  • Vege planting season. The poo beds await. 
  • Sewing. I have a little Christmas project underway. 
Now one of my favourite things to do is to have a laugh. I had a rather unfortunate incident the other day which caused rather a lot of hilarity. Unfortunately it did involve a bit of littering, which I am deeply opposed to, however, I'm sure you'll understand that I was in rather a tricky situation. 

Someone, who is lying on a couch not far from here, cleaned out the cat litter tray and put the bag of soiled litter on the boot (trunk) of my car instead of taking it out to the bin. It was raining. I jumped in my car in the morning and drove out of the garage, around some bends and corners, then when I was waiting at the first big intersection a man in a car next to me was gesturing to me and was pointing to the boot of my car. Oh no! There, lurking in a sinister manner, was the bag of cat poo and wee filled litter. I decided to drive around the corner and pull over safely to retrieve it. Unfortunately the bag had other ideas and disembarked in a spectacular manner onto the middle of the intersection. What to do??? Well, I planted my foot on the accelerator and zoomed away, disowning the waste products produced by my furry child. 

I can report that there is still a little evidence of my wee incident down at the intersection tonight, although most of the mess has vanished, probably tracked into the wheels of passing vehicles. Anyway, I am confident that no one is coming around to DNA test to match Mr Mouse to the unfortunate evidence. 

I hope there has been no flying poo in your week. 

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Anonymous said...

ha ha...that is awesome...I love the poo story!! That cat litter will stay their for weeks making you snigger a little bit every time you drive past!!

I put one of those mushroom stock cubes in my macaroni cheese too..super yum...great comfort food.

Love you guys, Megxx