Sunday, August 12, 2012

40 for the last time

I will be 41 years old tomorrow. Look. The evidence of my advancing age is now with me when I'm reading my favourite magazines. Reading glasses. Very cool reading glasses, I think. They are kind of a fusion between vintage and modern styles, which really reflects my personal style and interests. 
 The shape almost comes under the "cat-eye" category, but definitely at the moderate end. I tried on some fabulous ones that got the big fat NO from my fashion adviser.
 Now, these frames have an amazing feature that I would look out for again. The light colour of the inside of the frame is brilliant because it blends into the background rather than making a strong frame around your view. I took a few days to adjust to them, because I can see very clearly close up, but they blur my distance vision. So I either look over the top or don't look anywhere apart from at whatever I am working on. Great for staying on task.
 So after 40 years, who am I? I think it takes at least 40 years to figure that out. At 40 I...

  • love to read and write.
  • haven't travelled much, but hope to one day soon. 
  • love animals and worship cats and horses. 
  • am a thinker rather than a doer. 
  • wish to cultivate my interest in vintage style. 
  • need to get my hourglass figure under control. 
  • love plants and flowers. 
  • play the piano and 'cello without brilliance, but with enjoyment. 
  • am distinctly unsporty, but can ride safe horses and safe bike tracks. 
  • can do lots of different crafts, but am not an expert at any. 
  • value treating others with respect and good manners. 
  • can cook, but find the mess afterwards off-putting. 
  • still love chocolate, am currently avoiding chocolates and lollies (and succeeding). 
  • love spotty things (except on my face).
  • can't resist gorgeous craft books.
  • loathe rap, hip hop and metal music, but love a sing-a-long to most other genres. 
  • cry whenever I hear about cruelty to animals. 
  • adore my wonderful Johnny and all of my family. 
Tomorrow I must think about some goals for the next year. 

Mr Mouse has been impressing visitors with his cuteness. Everyone says he is tiny for his age. 

 It doesn't stop him taking on Miss Dog for a bit of a tussle. Note blue and white fabric on coffee table. Donated to my class, but far too pretty to chop up. I have plans for it. Will show you a close-up sometime.
 Waggy tails are lots of fun.
 Little savage leaping up my leg.
The dear wee man has had several big sleeps today. I think he is going through a growth spurt and needs lots of rest between eating and playing. Johnny is bearing the marks of a stealth attack launched up his leg while he was reading the newspaper this morning. He even tried to climb a visitor today. Fortunately she is highly animal friendly. 

Today my teacher assistants and a friend came to our wee village and went to the Thyme Cafe with us for brunch/morning tea for my birthday. I had a lovely time. 

Hopefully I won't be too tired for a birthday report tomorrow. We did plenty of celebrating today and I got some of my presents because we are so rushed in the morning on Mondays, and we wanted to spend time celebrating together properly. 


Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday for tomorrow! Glad you had a good day today, Love from Mum and Dad. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Gigibird said...

Happy Birthday - after 40 it's plain sailing.
Glasses look very retro - I'd like to see you with them on!
Enjoying your kitty doggy shots.