Sunday, August 5, 2012

Five Days and Counting...

I haven't had confectionery in five days. That means no chocolate since July. I set myself the challenge to go without sweeties or chocolate during August. And I love chocolate. So every day is a success if I can manage to avoid consuming it. I've got this far easily, so hopefully I can go all the way until September. 

I didn't end up going out to see darling Zanny today. We had a late start and I needed to sort out my workroom plus we had two lots of visitors. I missed going out to the farm a lot. At least I got rid of two bags of junk/rubbish from my workroom and tidied up the mess Mousie and I had made. He got loose in the bottom of the cupboard, and had managed to make a huge mess. I tend to keep everything I think might be remotely useful, so got realistic and chucked out the crap. 

Mr Mouse has had a fairly quiet day today. His paws have grown a lot over the past week, and I think his body will start to follow soon. He is a delightful little critter. 
 There is no sign of the green in his eyes disappearing. I hope it stays as there is a beautiful emerald ring around his pupils.
 Yes, as fluffy as always. For "fluffy" read "scruffy."
 Miss Dog thinks he is wonderful. Mousie likes to wrap his arms around her head and chew on her eyebrows while standing on his hind legs on the stool or coffee table. Miss Dog is quite happy with that. She isn't so sure about the cocky way that he buries his head in her food bowl while I'm pouring the biscuits in. I have to give him his own biscuit or he will try to muscle Miss Dog out of the way while she's eating her dinner. Lucky she is so placid, or she would have taken a chomp and eaten him whole.
I'm looking forward to next weekend because I am declaring it the start of my official birthday week. I'm hoping for a big horse day, with lots of fussing over Zanny and hanging out with horses. My idea of heaven. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi good to hear your news. Mousie has grown a bit hasn't he, dear wee man. You are good giving up chocolate! Mind you I haven't had any for a while either. You have a good week, Lots of love, Mum. xxxxxxxxx