Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Seeking inspiration

I'm on the prowl for gorgeousness to inspire me. Having spent two days off school with my throat sandpapered by the germs that have set up a fortress in my head, I've had a bit of thinking time. Well, sort off. I got my mind back at about 3pm today and realised I was on the mend. Yay!!!! Yesterday was a right off. It was a hunkering down deep in my bed kind of day. The sun was shining but I was chilly. Today, after a decent sleep-in, I was ready for some useful activity. I do enjoy a good sew when I'm poorly, providing I'm upright and don't have a headache. So I worked hard on joining the remaining strips of the Forty Wishes quilt, part 2. I used to just hold the strips together, but now, in the interests of a neater result, I pin each strip carefully, before sewing. Tedious, but it makes sewing speedy. I also did some work on Mum's quilt, which has been a bit of a spanner in my works,  but is now progressing nicely. 

I had a wee peep at the Sanderson website, and was surprised to find a very small selection of fabulous florals. I was expecting many gorgeous options. I like this leafy pattern, which comes in various soft coloured backgrounds. 
 This pretty floral caught my eye, on the soft blue background.
 And there is something delicious about these painterly roses on white.
 I will continue the search for fabulous fabrics and wallpapers. Of course, I can't go past Cath Kidston for a wide array of designs that I love. I must pick out my current favourites sometime. I'd love some new ideas for hunting grounds (websites), so let me know if you've got any favourites. I was a bit letdown by Laura Ashley.

I enjoyed my home time so much, in spite of the dreaded lurgy. I'd be quite happy pottering on my sewing jobs and arranging my house and garden. But it is back to school I go tomorrow. And if things don't go too well:

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