Sunday, May 20, 2012

Germs be gone!

Oh dear. I seem to have been fighting a germy blitz from infected students and my throat is giving in to the onslaught. I've got a very irritating scratchy coughy throat, and Johnny seems to be heading down a similar path. Now anyone who has been subjected to my grizzles about colds before knows I don't suffer in good grace. My every cold is "man flu" and I really can't be bothered with a single day of viral induced illness. Colds get in the way of my policy of enjoying each and every day. Grrrrrr!!!

Yesterday was bitterly cold, and when I wasn't whining about being frozen and sick I was busy working on my "Forty Wishes" quilt.

I thought I'd better get on with it before I need to call it "41 Wishes." Originally I made it up as a single bed sized quilt, but realized that I loved the fabrics so much that I thought I'd turn it into a big quilt to go on the spare bed. I'm rather concerned about the machine quilting business, because I always do my own quilting, and this one is going to be a major operation to do. The Crafty Neighbour always gets hers professionally quilted, which looks fabulous, but adds considerable cost. I think I will worry about that once I have got the top panel done.

Today was fortunately a beautiful crisp, clear day. Glorious. I went out for a ride on my beautiful girl. Today we discovered the road gate was closed, and I managed to open it from horseback, no thanks to Zanny, who thought it was a very bad idea indeed. You see, I can't dismount just anywhere, because there is no way to get back up there without a mounting block (or similar item). On ponies we just popped back up there, but it is just too far up for me to lift my foot to the stirrup and then spring (ha ha) up into the saddle. And it is bad for her back too. So I just had to get that gate open, or we'd have to turn around. We managed in the end, and enjoyed a wander together. Shadow, the fox terrier, came along for a walk too, and had fun sniffing and snuffling everywhere. Zanny's tummy shadow looked very pregnant looking down from above.

I must say, I haven't got anything new and thrilling to report. Pasta bake sauce makes a fantastic vegetable bake (with a wee handful of pasta and lots of different veges). We've had several quakes in the past week, after a quiet period. My car failed its warrant of fitness in spectacular fashion, requiring a muffler repair, two new engine belts, two new tires and work on the rear seatbelts. Oh dear.

One new thing I did spot was this fabric, which is Harlequin Delphine:

The print is big and bold, and for some reason, I love it. I'm not a fan of grey or mustard, but for some reason, these work so well. There are two other colourways too, but I like the pinky shades of the flowers in these ones. I'm feeling a bit inspired to do some decorating. 


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that fabric too, saw it in an advertisement and fell in love with it. Good on you managing to open the gate from horseback, maybe you could take a rope ladder along in case of emergencies! Lovely day here but the frosts are so hard for May. Not enjoying the cold at all. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey there...gosh, that fabric is gorgeous!!
The quilt looks lovely as well, I will look forward to it being on the spare bed. We had a nice weekend, Megan came down just for the day on Saturday and we had a great time.Have a good week...hope the cold bugs stay away!!Megxx