Sunday, May 27, 2012


Mmmm Dream chocolate. Good stuff. Johnny bought some today. We've been having a home day today. I did a wee bit of quilt making, and then made banana muffins with chocolate bits. The Crafty Neighbours came for morning tea, and my muffins were a hit. How very domestic of me! I got outside and did some tidying up in the garden as it was lovely and warm today. Miss Dog had a play date with her friends Meg and Molly. When I was over visiting with her she was busy munching on a toothy jawbone, which was utterly disgusting to see. She was grinning like the jaw bone. Yuck.

Yesterday I had an extremely grim headache, with accompanying eye-pop effect. Last week was a particularly stressful week, and I think my head is hurting as a result. Yes, it still hurts today. We decided to go out to the farm after lunch yesterday as Viv was available for a ride on Jack with Zanny and I. I really didn't know how I would go with the headache, but had faith that Zanny would take the pain away, which she did. While I was with her there was no pain at all. Amazing. I also had a chat to this darling gentleman:
Oscar, aka Dambala. Viv was a bit doubtful that he would want to have anything to do with me, as he hadn't been ridden for over a week. But he whickered when he saw me, and came over. Once he had given me a thorough sniff he let me give his face a good rub and looked very pleased indeed. I am very privileged to be one of a very select group of people that can get anywhere near him in the paddock. Oscar is currently the top eventing horse in the country as he won the 3* class in the last major Three Day Event, and has now qualified for the 4* event in Adelaide later in the year. He is worth an extraordinary amount of money. Let's just say you could buy a house for the same amount. I was scared that people might steal him, but Viv laughed and said no one could catch him to steal him! 

I had a wonderful relaxed ride with Viv, who was riding darling Jack. He is yummy with a big kind face and a lovely rotund figure. We always have a good girly chat about our worries and Viv passes on her wise words. Zanny calmly strolls along and Jack looks for things to create dramas about. We  both agreed that he wasn't ready to run the gauntlet past the crazy chicken lady's house yet! 

 Last night we watched this:
We really enjoyed the original Swedish version, and this was equally good. The original had subtitles, so this remake was a little easier to follow, I think. Rooney Mara was outstanding as Lisbeth Salander. She is such a pretty thing in real life, and the transformation was incredible. A ghastly haircut and bleached eyebrows really transform a girl! Some scenes required a lot of commitment from her as there were some brutal moments, and the rude stuff was incredibly real. Plus she got various bits pierced for the job. And smoked. Yuck. Daniel Craig was a pleasing addition for me because I think he is gorgeous. I am a big fan of the book this is based on, and the sequels, and look forward to the next two movies. Rooney and Daniel are contracted for both movies. Awesome. 

My poor head still hurts. I'm hoping for a better week, and will be focusing on all of the good things that happen. Life is precious, and it isn't worth worrying about petty things. 

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Anonymous said...

Ha awesome, we watched the same movie last night. We had not seen the original nor read the books but we LOVED it...can't wait for the sequels.

Mum told em a bit of your week from last week, poor you, I hope you have a much better week this week...don't let anyone bring you down!! :>)

Mum and Dad visited today which was lovely, Henry was total delight all day.

Love you,