Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Your Majesty

A three day weekend feels like a birthday for me. The glorious anticipation of three wonderful holiday days off school. It hasn't been a bad week at school, in fact we did have some brilliant moments, like our tea party, complete with scones with jam and cream, and a lace tablecloth. But who doesn't love glorious days off work?

This is a bit of a dull post for most readers, but I like to keep a record of special days, even if I don't have any photos, and only want to prattle on about horses (again).

Today I had a very leisurely start to the day. Reading in bed, and then a lovely chat to my dear mumsy, complete with a cup of tea. The weather was dreary here, but no rain. I had a date with Zanny planned, so headed out to the farm after lunch, and the weather was lovely and mild there. I stripped off my scarf and jersey and felt a bit silly being so bundled up. Viv wanted to come out with us on Jack, but she let me go out and spend some time with my girl before she came out, because she doesn't groom, just tacks up, and I love preening and primping Zanny so she looks her best, which takes time. "Doesn't groom?" I hear you ask. Yes indeed. I LOVE thoroughly brushing Zanny, and carefully picking out her hooves, and I don't hear her complaining either. But Viv is always busy, so sees grooming as an optional extra. 

Today, we both had our mounts ready (one muddy, and the other sparkling), when a young man came to have a test ride on Jack. Darling Jack is looking for a new home, so, although a little disappointed to miss the good conversation while riding, I was happy to let Jack go off to the arena, and Zanny and I went out on our own. Now that shows Zanny's truly wonderful temperament. She had Jack standing there beside her all ready to go, and we just walked away from him with no debate. I love that about her. We had another brilliant relaxed ride. I decided that she needed to stretch her legs a little and we had some trots along the broad grass verge, which we both enjoyed. I always like it when we ride past the crazy chicken lady's house, and today there were feathered creatures everywhere, including an enormous turkey wandering on the road, that let out a raucous gobble as we approached, making me jump a little, and Zanny look with interest. 

Zanny's tummy is so round, and Viv said we will be able to see the foal moving before too long. I leaned my cheek against her flank, listening and feeling, and all I heard were enormous gurgles (horse farts in waiting). I've been trying to imagine the dear foal curled up inside. I am so hopeful all is well with it. Twins would be the worst outcome, and I know Viv has that in the back of her mind. She will lose them if that is the case. We were laughing about her being the surrogate mother to my child. I'm glad I don't have the stretch marks she must have under her fuzzy winter coat. 

I'm planning some sewing and possibly a visit to Stitch tomorrow. I promise photos are on their way. 

Ps. I wonder what people buy the Queen for her real birthday? A spangled lead for one of her corgis? A multi-pack of her favourite brand of knickers (full briefs, I'm sure)? A pair of gold tweezers for plucking whiskers from her chin (for the photos, of course)? The latest Jilly Cooper novel? It must be a dilemma for her nearest and dearest. 


Meg said...

Sounds like you and Zanny are having a lovely time together.
We went out the Ngatimoti yesterday, Henry loved playing with Neecee and Poppa.
Will ring you in the loooong weekend.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

Zanny sounds as if she has really bonded with you, that is great. Did the boy take Jack? Overcast here today, I have been sorting out a few more of Nanny's clothes - when you look in the wardrobe you would think I had done nothing and there are 5 banana boxes and 3 bags ready to go to new homes! Have a good day today. It was lovely to see Meg and Henry yesterday - he had such a great sense of humour! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Dulce said...

Greetings from South Texas, USA! Wanted to say hello, and that I had viewed your last comment on my blog! I have a couple of e-mail addresses where I can be reached:
The first one is for my home computer only. The second one I can access on my home computer and my cell phone! Keep in touch!
Cyndi Schuman
Corpus Christi, TX
P.S. A co-worker/friend has a sister that lives in London, so when she goes to visit, she brings me back souveniers - we are both into The Royal Family! :)