Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Any holiday is a good day. This year ANZAC Day fortuitously fell right in the middle of the first week of Term 2, so that made the restart at school much easier. I think a break every Wednesday would be a great move. 

We didn't go to the ANZAC parades this morning, but at school I showed my students some ANZAC themed videos, we tasted ANZAC cookies and painted lovely bright poppies. 

Today Johnny had some work stuff to attend to, interviewing job applicants. It was a beautiful day, so I did some washing and gardening, plus tidied up the house. Then I went out to ride Zanny. She was very pleased to see me, and we had a fabulous ride in the sun. I went further than I have gone by myself before, including going past the house of the crazy chicken lady, whose dogs barked and rattled their chains vigorously making Zanny jump a little. There was a man waterblasting his roof which made her stop for a while, looking to see what was making the weird noise. Once she had had a good look I asked her to move on, which she did without a twitch. What a good lady! I also showed her the new mirror in the arena. She had a look, but wasn't at all bothered. I though we looked pretty good! 

I've got a big pot of minestrone soup on. Johnny isn't home yet. Must be hard deciding who to employ. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi,sounds as if you had a good day -good on you taking Zanny out for a ride. We had a quiet sort of day. The weather has been lovely but we are due to get a downpour tomorrow. Have a good day tomorrow xxx