Sunday, April 29, 2012

Busy busy

So much to do and so little time... School is steadily busy, and I am keen to keep a lid on frantic activity, so keep at it all the time. So the weekends are very precious. Yesterday I had my lesson on  Chief White Cloud, and he was lots of fun. I was thrilled with myself because I managed some serious cantering on him, and stayed balanced and in control. Straight afterwards I went to ride Zanny. She was looking good, but my back decided to go into spasms for the majority of our jaunt around the block. Very, very annoying. She was initially a bit sluggish, but soon got into her stride and I allowed her some periods of trotting, because she loves zooming along. My poor back. I took painkillers today because it hasn't recovered yet. I think it was controlling Chief that set my back off. Anyway, Zanny was very pleased because after I washed her down I let her munch on some piles of hay left in the stable yard while she dried. Her pregnant tummy was sticking out a long way. She obligingly stood close to me so I could give her lots of scratches and cuddles. 

Today, Johnny and I went to support The Crafty Neighbour in a duathlon over in Tai Tapu. She had to walk 4km and bike 7km. John said I would have been fine entering in the shape I'm in now, but my back would have been gruesome. So I need to do some serious work on it. Johnny even mentioned going to a chiropractor. Hmmm, not sure if I like that idea. So I told The Crafty Neighbour that I'm in training for next year. At the supermarket we got lots of healthy food. We need to really focus on our fruit and vege intake. For tea we made the most delicious Thai yellow curry (not from scratch - we are not Thai experts - this was a Global Cuisine sauce). We put lots of veges in. They are lurking in the unctuous golden sauce somewhere. We cooked up some jasmine rice in the rice cooker. I love jasmine rice. We usually use basmati, but I like the jasmine rice just as much. 
 I'm counting on Hugh to give me some great ideas for incorporating lots of veges into our meals.
 I was feeling a bit miserable with myself this morning so bought a Country Homes and Interiors magazine because I've already got my English Country Living. Spoiled, I know! But enjoying my lunch (healthy, of course), followed by a cup of tea and a very pretty magazine, brightened up my day.
Other good things:
  • I did a bit of ransacking in the garden. What a jungle!
  • Good Sorts on the news on Sunday. Lovely people doing good things for others. 
  • Johnny taking my blood pressure with our new monitor and trying to get my pressure low "think of puppies and kittens and horse noses- yes, think of horse noses." 
  • Jasper - he spends most of his time sleeping, but he is about 18 years old now. He purrs like mad when we have cuddles. 
  • Whittakers Peanut Butter chocolate - so good, but I'd better steer clear of the choccy department in the supermarket. 
  • Miss Dog with her new very bright pink collar (Johnny just bought it because he knew Mr Crafty Neighbour thinks our dog looks "soft" with a pink collar). 
  • The new Midwives programme on Sunday night. Brilliant! 
  • Cardigans - love them!!!!
  • Spotty Converse sneakers- I want them. A lot. I am yet to find a pair in real life. 

I wish I had done some crafting this weekend. I suppose I won't get any done during the week. I hope to get a bit of exercise in with Johnny. I usually take my class for a walk to get them moving most days, but need more intensity in my first week on duathlon training. Let's hope my back behaves or Johnny will be talking about taking me to some evil back cracking pseudo physician.

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Meg said...

Try this web address...I bought something from this delivery, free postage...awesome!! Love the spotty sneakers...treat yourself!!

Yum, the curry looks great.

Love you xx