Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Three Day Event

I am super tired after a very busy two weeks, finished up with the biggest South Island Three Day Event, which is held at the National Equestrian Centre at Mcleans Island. Actually, the first part of the event starts the afternoon before the event starts. There is a competition for 4 and 5 year olds, and Emily had Taxi entered. It is based on potential as a sport horse. Taxi had to do a dressage test, do some jumps, be judged on his confirmation and then do a gallop. Here he is turning the corner into his gallop. 
 What a lovely boy he is! Much loved among the grooms because he is so friendly and relaxed to be around. And he is only 4 with a failed career as a racehorse behind him (he jumped the barrier to get away from the other horses). Taxi got 6th out of about 12 horses. But then he went on to win the 4,5 and 6 Young Event Horse class in the 3 Day Event competition. We were super proud of him. Billy was winning, but he stuffed up in the showjumping and dropped to 4th. Billy is only 4 too. Wee baby sport horses.

My dear friend Oscar (Dambala) made an appearance as the "guinea pig" dressage horse. He had to do a sample test to get the judges to synchronise their scoring. What a lovely man he is. He had a few whoopsies because he was a little unsettled. He hasn't been competing due to lameness, and is getting back into action currently.
Here is Eve with her lovely mare who has a fancy show name, but is called Lemon at home. Not a lemon at all. She did extremely well and got 3rd in one of the higher level classes. Eve works and lives at Emily's place. 

Dear Lewis. He was winning his class and we all had high hopes, but he dropped a rail in the showjumping and was relegated to 4th. I was extraordinarily upset for him. He is the sweetest, cuddliest horse and I'm incredibly fond of him. 
 And look at dear Oscar. I think he really enjoyed his day out. A bit of work, lots of food, plenty of cuddles and attention, and basking in the sun. Not a bad way to spend a day.
In case you were thinking it is all roses and horse cuddles grooming at horse events, it is actually a demanding and exhausting job. I picked up a lot of poo, kept hay bags full, carried big buckets of water (my poor back), put gear on and off, trying to get it right each time, cleaned, brushed, washed, walked horses, gave Em leg-ups,  and tried to be in the right place at the right time. When not horse minding, I was dog minding. I got to walk the 2km+ cross country course. I also tried very hard not to do the wrong thing so I wouldn't be growled at or accused of interfering with anyone else's horse. 

So back to school I go!

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Meg said...

The 3 Day Event sounds awesome..glad you had a great time and glad you managed to fit in lots of riding in the holidays.
Good luck back at work.

Sending you and John lots and lots and lots of love xxx