Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Happy Birthday to my darling Dad! 70 today. I hope you had a fun day and we wish we had been there to have lunch out with the family. Hope you like your present. We thought a scroll saw would be very useful for your toy making enterprises. Hmm. Could come in very handy for making items I need too!

I bet Dad could make me some lovely letters like these ones using a scroll saw. I love love love the way these turned out!!! The paper is utterly gorgeous. I painted the edges of the letters using a Karen Walker testpot in Powder Blue, then carefully glued the paper on before cutting around the letters with a craft knife. Apparently papercraft like this is called "off the page" scrapbooking. This is about as minimalist as it gets.

I whipped up this little fabric corsage too. I set a wee crafty challenge - this had to be made of fabric and use lace or a doily. Since I only have a huge doily in my possession currently, I used some vintage lace. Sorry this photo only shows it from the top. Johnny found my little camera- yay! I was sure it was lost for good. Anyway, for some reason, this corsage is like the Bermuda Triangle of photographic subjects, and the little camera just refused to behave. Half the trouble is that there are buttons on the camera, but I have no idea what they do. When I start pushing them I seem to get into more and more trouble.

I created my first "layout" for my scrapbook. It is really simple, and I'm sure the next one will be more elaborate. The photos are from January 1991 during the time when Johnny came up to stay with me in the holidays. We look so happy in the photos.

Our new fridge arrived this morning. We are very pleased with it, and I'm sure that the size will make things easier. It is quieter than the old one too.

Two exciting things happen tomorrow. John's mum and her friend are coming to stay. I've also got my first riding lesson for the year. I think I'll be riding my friend Mr Spotty Bottom, Navarro. I'll take the little camera along. Navarro seems to smile when his photo is taken. Jasper does too, but Miss Dog usually looks embarrassed.

Happy birthday Dadsy! Don't chop anything important off with your new saw!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Fi,thanks for the good wishes. Dad had a lovely birthday and he is playing with his ipad now, it should be good for him. Cam phoned tonight. Dad was thrilled with his scroll saw so thank you very much. Jim did well choosing it. Good to see Meg too. We went to see Kevin and carol who were so pleased to see us. Kevin continues to go downhill a bit each time we see him. Lots of love, Mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxx