Friday, January 13, 2012


It was my darling boy's birthday yesterday. Now he has caught up with me in age. His mum and her friend are staying. We took a trip out to Sumner for a prowl along the beach. We haven't been there in over 18 months. The cliffs are precariously holding together, and you can see the vacant, damaged houses all over the place. Strange to think how long they have been tucked safely up high on the volcanic rock, until one fateful day. What a privilege it would have been to have had the stunning view out over the bay. Now the crumbling cliffs are worthless. The esplanade and beach are the same as always, and less populated.

Johnny got some cool presents, including a rather remarkable skull bike light. We had brunch at the local cafe, and had absolutely delicious Mexican food at The Flying Burrito Brothers. Today we went out to Oxford to Seagar's Cafe, which was lovely, and worth a drive out. We popped into Femme de Brocante to look at the gorgeous fabrics. I didn't buy any oilcloth as I decided that I prefer the Cath Kidston stuff. Some of the furnishing fabrics were absolutely divine, and priced at around $35 a metre, not a bad price.

Look at the goodies from my garden. This is the first carrot out of the spring planting and it is a beauty. Or, was a beauty. It went into tonight's salad.

Tomorrow we are going to the Riccarton House Farmer's Market with the visitors. Then I've got a riding lesson. Celine and Erika are planning a wee dressage/show day at Scarlett Oak in about three weeks, and I am probably riding My Lovely Sam (not grey Sam, the bay one- I'll take a photo tomorrow). I am working hard on my dressage skills, especially my cantering. Celine says I'm not a beginner anymore, so I can enter the dressage test with the canter. Bay Sam is probably a better mount for the competition than Navarro because he is more supple and experienced, although he spooks at things like passing butterflies. Luckily he just shoots forward a bit when he gets a fright, unlike Grey Sam, who does a full on sideways thrash, leaving me quivering in terror. Navarro is doing lots of work with beginners at the moment, and Celine says Bay Sam is much better utilised for her more experienced riders like me (!!!!). I think I'll always consider myself a beginner! I will be getting together with Navarro for jump lessons sometime, I should think. I saw him trundling merrily over some jumps the other day, and he looked really cute and safe. I never thought I would learn to jump, but I think it would be great for my balance.

We are watching a Harry Potter movie, and Johnny has decided that Dumbledore's memory keeping cupboard would be no good in an earthquake. I'm sure Dumbledore has some magical protection against such things. Shame we can't do the same thing here.


Anonymous said...

yay for don't look any older!!
Still waiting for your pressy to will prolong birthday festivities I guess!!
Love to you both,
Meg xx

Anonymous said...

How funny, I wrote my comment yesterday when there was no must have still be writing it but the photod were there.

Love Johns t-shirt...very cool. Yum, I wish we had been there for Mexican!

Quiet here, watching a DVD tonight, Henry bottom still squitty but managed a walk up the river today. Hope your riding went well and the visitors are having a good time.
Love to you all,