Monday, January 9, 2012


I got a headache yesterday that hung around overnight and lurked until I had a sleep this afternoon. I think it might still be waiting in the wings. Now I'm left feeling sort of anxious and restless, which sometimes happens after a headache. We had Caroline and Shaun to stay on Saturday night, which was fun. We did a bit of a tour of the city, then had delicious Thai food for tea. We also had a good laugh watching movies. We've had a busy time with visitors. Miss Dog has been very pleased, and Jasper has been more sociable than he usually is with new people.

I'm having a bit of a dabble at scrapbooking. The Crafty Neighbour and I visiting a scrapbook shop in Rolleston, which was fascinating. I found a really pretty range that I love and got a few bits to get started. Today I picked up some more paper and some pens at Warehouse Stationery. I did one page with two photos from our youth. I got some wooden letters- P and B - a while ago, and I painted the edge of them today and once thoroughly dry I will glue some pretty paper onto them. I've had a look through some scrapbooking magazines and a lot of if doesn't appeal, but I guess other people's grinning children peering out of the pages are bound to put me off. I do love lots of the vintage styled bits and pieces. No surprises there!

We're getting a new fridge tomorrow. It will be bigger than the old one.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Babe...
Hope your headache has gone away..don't want to interrupt the creative juices!
I am starting my challenge project in the weekend...corsage incorporating a doily...saw some awesome big flowers corsages in RED Gallery as inspiration.
Love to you both,